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Chili Cheese Potato Bake

I have talked many times about how much I love to cook once and eat twice. It saves me so much time and money in the kitchen.

One of my favorite dishes to fix once and eat two or three times is chili. It is so easy to fix a double or triple batch of chili and use the leftovers in several meals.

This Chili Cheese and Potato Bake is a perfect example of how leftover chili can be used in so many ways.

And yes I choose the easy way and used frozen hash browns. Sometimes you just need a few shortcuts.

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  1. What timing! I have chili that I made a couple of days ago that needs to be eaten with no volunteers. Luckily I have everything I need to make this tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks, Lynn!

  2. This sounds so good! Can’t wait to try it the next time I make chili.

  3. Thanks for this! I’m forever making large batches of chili and those always that last little bit that won’t feed the whole family, but I don’t want to go to waste either after my husband tires of it in his lunches. Great, easy idea!

  4. Lynn, just like DA said…your timing is perfect! I made a batch of chili and have a good bit left. This may be dinner tonight!

  5. I dont’ care for cheese but the rest of the family does…I think I may make this and leave off the cheese on my part.

    My usual way to use up chili is to spread the hcili in the pan, dot it with cornbread batter (smooth it over the entire pan best I can) and bake. Yum.

  6. This looks delicious! And I agree – shortcuts are definitely necessary sometimes!

  7. This looks so easy. I will try it for sure. Thanks for sharing. We have a recipe up too.

  8. I love it! Thanks for sharing!
    I don’t make many recipes twice but this will be one that I do.

  9. So I have to admit that I totally used canned chili in this! Lol :p It was still great and I’m sure would be even better with home made chili. ๐Ÿ™‚

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