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A Storm And A Grateful Heart

If you follow me on Facebook then you know that we were affected by the storms that hit Oklahoma on Thursday.

I thought about writing a whole post about the details of how eventful our Thursday evening was, but it just did not seem quite right when so many others in Oklahoma and Arkansas lost so much more than we did.

Yes, we had some damage,

but fences can be mended,

and trees will grow back.

Gardens can be replanted

and roofs and other things

can be replaced or repaired.

My family is fine and my house is still standing and for that I am very grateful.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those that lost so much more than we did.

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  1. Oh my! That must have been scary! We’ve had a few bad storms here in SC lately (winds up to 70 mph) so I can only imagine!

  2. Glad your family was alright and their was only damage to the property and nothing severe!

  3. I love your perspective. I’m thankful you are ok

  4. I am so thankful to hear you are all okay. I will be praying for the others affected.

  5. I’m glad you all are okay. Goodness that was a rough storm.

  6. I have a friend posting from North Carolina…I hope it’s not going to be one of *those* years. So glad you are all ok! I’ll quit complaining about the snow we got here…

  7. Betty Saboe says:

    These storms have been bad and feel for those involved especially those who have lost loved ones. Glad to hear you are o.k. We have a two burner Weber grill and like that. Seem very sturdy and well built.

  8. You’re absolutely right, things can be repaired or replaced…people can’t. So glad that everyone is ok!!

  9. I am glad you weathered the storm as well as you did.

    We have a 19 year old 2 burner Ducane grill. It was not cheap when we bought it but 19 years speaks for itself. Last summer one of the knobs broke off (the first problem we have had with it) and when my husband called the company to purchase a replacement they sent us one for free! We will buy a Ducane again… if this one ever quits working…


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