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Homemade Brownie Blizzard


I think I have a slight problem with ice cream desserts. In other words I might like them a little too much.

So far on my site I have a recipe for ice cream cake, brownie sundaes, chocolate ice cream sodascandy bar blizzards, and a few others.

Yes, I think I have an ice cream problem. It really is one of my favorite desserts. And if you add chocolate to ice cream, I think it is even better.

Now that I think about it, maybe it is a chocolate and ice cream problem since all the desserts I listed above not only contain ice cream, they also contain chocolate.

I am hoping that some of you have an ice cream and chocolate problem as well, because I have yet another chocolate ice cream dessert for you.

If you do not like ice cream or chocolate you can skip right by this post, but if you love chocolate and ice cream as much as I do stick with me on this one. It is really good!

Today I have a recipe for a homemade version of a Brownie Blizzard. It could also be called a Braum’s Brownie Mix, or a Sonic Brownie Blast. They have all had various versions over the years and they were all good.

This is one of those make at home treats that I just recently started making. I really do not know what took me so long because it is so easy. It is just ice cream, chocolate sauce, and brownies. And since it is ice cream it is a perfect treat for summer time.


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  1. Oh my that looks delicious! We have this little ice cream shoppe down the road that is just a tiny little place. The kind of place only open in the summer. They have yummy brownie freezes they call them, they look a lot like this item. I think I am going to try to make my own!

    • @Linda, I love those types of ice cream shops! I hope you enjoy the homemade version. The fun thing about these are you can adjust them to how you like. You can add more or less brownie and use as much or as little chocolate as you like.

  2. Delightful, Lynn! Tomorrow might just be the day to try this because it’s going to be 95 here!

  3. I have a dessert problem too. It’s called an enormous sweet tooth!

  4. Yummy! That looks delicious. I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own banana cream pie blizzard. Do you have any suggestions for a recipe?

  5. Birds of a feather flock together, honey!!

    Hello, my name is Ronee (Hi Ronee) and I have an ice cream and chocolate problem… lol!!

  6. That looks super yummy!

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