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Williams-Sonoma Ice Cream Cake

We have made this ice cream cake for several Birthdays. It is always a hit. We made it for my husband’s birthday one year with peanut butter ice cream and Reese peanut butter cups on top. My kids and sister made it one year of my birthday using cookies and cream ice cream and oreos on top. I think this would be really good with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Last week my kids helped me make it for my father in law’s birthday. He loves chocolate chip ice cream but is not a fan of cake. I thought this dessert with Braums chocolate chip ice cream would be perfect for his birthday. Plus, it is a dessert that is easy for the kids to help me with. It has several steps but it is easy.

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  1. Jackie Brown says:

    I’m going to make this for my son’s birthday cake and use Halloween candy bars on top. Love the recipe, thanks!

  2. jenn's an ice cream maker says:

    This Ice Cream Cake looks DELICIOUS!!! And it sounds pretty easy to make too! Especially since it’s from a Kid’s cooking book! A tasty and easy ice cream treat…what more could I want!!

  3. I’m making this tonight for my friend on her birthday! Chocolate cake, cake batter ice cream and sprinkles for decorations! yummy.

  4. Sounds good! Going to make this for my dad’s birthday tomorrow! Going to try it with coffee ice cream, and heath bar crunch candy bars!! Yummm!

  5. Hey Lynne, I just love your site and have been looking for opportunities to share links to your posts. Just added a link to this post on my HubPages article “Ice Cream Cakes”. It sounds SO good-(what can be bad about Ice Cream Cake anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing!


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