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Chocolate Angel Food Cake

Many people love Angel Food cake and eat it often, but have you ever had Chocolate Angel Food Cake?

I have been making this recipe for years. I remember my best friend and I making this cake when we were teenagers. It is so good and makes a very impressive dessert.

I was recently adapting this recipe to be gluten free and I realized that I had never post the original recipe on my site. I knew I must fix that because this is too good of a recipe not to share.

This cake is perfect on it’s own, but if you want to make it even more special, you can serve it with my chocolate whipped cream.

And for my gluten free readers you will want to check out the gluten free recipe Chocolate Angel Food Cake that I shared in my allergy section today.

Adapted from Taste Of Home


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  1. I am enjoying a homemade chocolate angel food thanks to my mom. She makes it for me every year for my birthday.

    Of course, I could make it myself, but it wouldn’t be the same!

  2. This sounds great! What pan would you suggest for those of us who don’t own a tube pan? Is it possible to use loaf pans? And if so, how long would you bake it?

    • @Trish, An angel food cake really needs to be done in a tube pan for best results. The shape and sides of the pan are what helps it rise and have the airy texture. I have never tried making them in a loaf pan so I am not sure it would work.

  3. This sounds yummy, and my kids LOVE angel food 🙂 However, I haven’t made an angel food since moving to high altitude. Will see what, if any, modifications need to be made.

  4. Melissa says:

    Lynn, I was wondering how many eggs it takes to get that much egg whites and what do you do with all the leftover yolks? I tend to shy away from recipes that use only the whites or only the yolks because I never know what to do with the other half and hate to be wasteful, but this sounds so yummy I would really like to try it. Thanks for any suggestions!

  5. Thanks for this recipe! I’m making this & the chocolate whipped cream for my mom’s birthday tomorrow. I’m going to pair it up with some fresh strawberries & I think it will be a hit.

    BTW – you can buy just egg whites by the carton. Look for them by the Egg Beaters.

  6. Hey Lynn! I can’t wait to try this recipe… but I was wonder 1/4 of what for the cocoa?

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