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What Is It Wednesday Break

We are going to take a short break from What Is It Wednesday, but it will be back in September. I love sharing the new foods that we are trying and I look forward to sharing some new items in September.

But for now I would love to hear what new foods you have tried lately. Have you tried anything interesting?

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. tomatillo

  2. Dang and here I thought I would get this one right and it wasn’t even a What is it??? We have had Swiss Chard and made Swiss Chard and bacon GF pizza. So yummy!

  3. Lora Kulinski says:

    It is Kohlrabi

  4. Kohlrabi!!

  5. Sorry, answering the picture & not reading the text!! lol!

  6. MMM Kohlrabi!

  7. I haven’t tried anything very interesting lately. I’m a pretty adventurous eater so I will try anything at least once, I just haven’t had the opportunity lately. We are planning a ladies dinner at one of our local restaurants on Saturday. They usually have something exciting to eat. I’m hoping to try out opah or something with local peaches, apricots, mushrooms, or corn! Can’t wait!!

  8. It’s delicious green kohlrabi! YUM!

  9. Joyce Johnson says:

    kohlrabi!!! yummmyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best raw with a bit of seasoned salt!!

  10. Kohlrabi is my new favorite vegetable!! Never tried it until we got it in our CSA this summer. Wish I could find it at our grocery!!

  11. I think I have more fun reading people’s guesses and then your anecdotes about trying it the new thing, than I have actually guessing. Um, the newest thing I’ve tried recently was a turkey “roast” from the freezer section of my market. I had no idea what it would be as I’d only cooked whole turkeys before. It turned out to be a few hunks of meat wrapped together in the elastic mesh thing generally found around leg of lamb. The top was breast meat with a little skin while the bottom was mostly dark. My biggest impression was that it was super salty, which they probably do to make it stay together. I bought it to slice for sandwiches and salads this, which we did have it in, but I think I’m going to throw the rest in a soup and hope to dillute away some of the saltiness.

  12. haven’t tried it but I saw Lemonade Melon at the grocery store today. The sticker said it was like a cantaloupe with a hint of lemon.

  13. its kohlrabi – its delicious!!

  14. Melissa V says:

    I just bought some tofu for DD but haven’t cooked it yet i’m doing some reserch first since we’ve never had it before.

  15. It is a Kohlrabi. My grandmother grew them on her farm in Kansas. We would get them out of the garden and eat them. They taste similar to cabbage.

  16. Kohlrabi- Our CSA has overflowed with it this year- we’ve gotten at least 2 per week for the past 5 weeks! That’s a lot of kohlrabi-green apple slaw!

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