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What Is It Wednesday {Kiwano or Horned Melon}

Reading through last week’s What Is It Wednesday comments was so much fun. I always enjoy these posts and reading all the guesses that everyone makes.

This one comment from Dee Dee though really made me laugh.

what kind of crazy space alien did you have to kill to steal its baby?! i love the stuff you find

I will admit, Dee Dee, this is one of the strangest looking items that I have had for What Is It Wednesday. It was pretty ugly, both inside and out.

Last week’s item was a  kiwano, also known as  horned melon.

I will say that this was not my favorite item that I have tried for What Is It Wednesday. I thought this was just plain weird and so did my son. We took one bite and that was it. My girls and husband though that it was great and they enjoyed eating it. In fact, I think they were disappointed that I only bought one to try.

This is something I might buy again for those in my family that enjoyed it, especially if I found a good price on them. However, my son and I will pass on eating this again.

For those of you that have tried it before what are your thoughts?

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