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Oven Fried Pork Chops

My husband loves pork chops. They are one of his favorite cuts of meat to eat. Over the years I have cooked pork chops many different ways and these oven fried pork chops are one of our favorites. We love these!

And our favorite way to eat them is with buttermilk mashed potatoes. The gravy that this recipe makes works perfectly with a side of mashed potatoes and the buttermilk in both recipes go very well together.


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  1. Would you recommend using boneless chops for this recipe??

  2. THIS is one of my newer go to meals! I’ve made it twice now and everyone always loves it. Tonight though I did it with whole wheat flour and it turned out even better!

  3. Have you ever tried crushed cornflakes on these? My mom used to have a recipe I loved with them, and I’m sure you can get them gluten-free, right? So nice and crunchy!

  4. Does the brine tenderize the meat ? I have some chops that when I cook them they are so tough even the dog has a hard time chewing them…LOL Is there a marinade or something I can do to make them tender as I have about a dozen or so and don’t want to waste them.

    • The brine helps tenderize them, so I would try that and see if it helps.

      • I too overcook pork chops use a thermometer. They do not need to be cooked as long in todays world. Trychinosis was a problem years ago. Because pigs ate slop. Decayed food, full of bacteria. No longer legal. So go by temp. I just check online and use my meat thermometer.

  5. Made these tonight for the first time – delicious!

  6. I tried your oven fried pork chops and they were delicious!! I used the brine step and was very pleased. It seem to make the the pork chops so tender!! My question is can you use this brine step with chicken breasts, or roast beef?

    • I have never found it necessary on beef and have never tried it for beef roasts. It does work well for chicken. If I remember right, chicken breasts do not need to brine as long, since I don’t usually brine the breasts I can’t remember on that. Whole chickens, turkeys, etc brining works great. I now brine almost all my pork roasts and chops. It really helps tenderize them. It really gives them a much better texture and makes them so tender. I am glad you enjoyed this!

  7. Linda Dietz says:

    Did I miss the brine “how to?” If I did, would you mind repeating?

  8. Made these for my kids (who happen to be extremely picky), and they LOVED them. I brined the chops all day, but next time I will brine overnight & next day. Great recipe!!!

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