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Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

I love potatoes. I think I have mentioned that once or twice. I could probably eat them everyday. I love them baked, twice baked, as potato salad, as oven fries and more. I really do not think there is a bad way to cook a potato.

I have also mentioned before how much I love Emeril’s 20-40-60 minute meals cookbook. It is not Emeril’s typical style. It is full of quick and easy recipes that use pretty basic ingredients. And many of the recipes focus on fresh and healthy foods.

Today’s recipe was inspired by a recipe in the 20-40-60 cookbook. I say inspired because I did change the amounts a bit. Emeril used about twice as much butter as I did. So, if you like your butter add a little more, but if you are looking for something a little lighter use my amount.

I also decreased the buttermilk a little. I do not like my mashed potatoes runny. I like them a little thicker, so again you can adjust them to your taste.

Some of you may be thinking, buttermilk in potatoes?! I know, that is what I thought until I tasted them. Buttermilk really works here very nicely.

Buttermilk gives the potatoes a nice tang and gives them the ability to stand alone. These have so much flavor that you really do not need any gravy or anything else on them. They are a great side dish just like they are and would be perfect for the upcoming holidays.


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