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Upland Cress {What Is It Wednesday Twenty-Nine}

Many of you were close when you guessed last week’s What Is It Wednesday, but only a couple of you knew exactly what it was.

It was a cress, but not Watercress. It was Upland Cress. Upland Cress is in the same family as Watercress, but is a little different. Watercress likes to grow in wet areas, but Upland Cress and some of the other Cresses grow on drier land.

From what I can tell though they all have a similar taste, but some are more bitter and have a stronger flavor.

This Upland Cress was peppery and a bit bitter for my taste, but several in my family loved it mixed in with lettuce and other greens for a salad. Although I did not particularly like this, it is something that I would like to buy again and experiment more with. I think I might like it fixed some other way than in a salad.

What are your thoughts on Upland Cress or any of the other cress type greens?

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  1. I dont mind a little bit of upland cress in salads. I really like it sauteed with a little butter. That tends to mellow it a bit. Its good in stir-frys as well.

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