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Oven Fried Apples

Fried apples are a classic old fashioned dessert that is perfect for fall.

I recently made an oven version of fried apples and was mentioning to my mom exactly what I had done and how much we enjoyed them.

Her reply was something like this, “Lynn I remember oven fried apples being one of the first things your grandma showed me how to cook.”

Well, I guess there is not much new in the cooking world. Here I thought this was a great idea and the great idea has been around for years and years, probably generations.

I don’t remember my mom making anything like this when I was growing up, but I guess she did.

My mom also mentioned to me that my grandma often added raisins and nuts to her fried and oven fried type apples and that it was really good. Since we can’t have nuts, I will not be trying the nut version, but if you can have nuts I think that would make a great addition stirred in and baked with this.

These oven fried apples are perfect served on their own, but they are really good served over ice cream, french toast, pancakes or even crepes.


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  1. What a great idea don’t have to stand and watch. I read someplace what you can put the apple slices in while you are cutting them, I forgot what it was lol. Can you help with this. Thanks for your great site and the new gluten free so very helpful

  2. OH YUUUUUMMMMMMM! We have fried apples all the time… usually as a side dish with pork. I never thought to oven fry them though! And nuts and raisins… that sounds absolutely delish! I will have to try both versions. MMMMM! Can’t wait!

  3. You can put cut apples in salt water to keep them from turning until you can get them into the pan. A dear old lady affectionately called Granny by our entire church taught me that many years ago when I went to her house to learn to make friend apple pies.

  4. *fried apple, not friend! Fingers going too fast.

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