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Homemade Chili Seasoning

A quick look through my archives will tell you that my family loves chili. I think I have more versions of chili  than any other recipe in my archives.

What can I say, we really do love chili. It is easy to make and it is a budget friendly dinner everyone loves.

Cattle Drive Chili, Shredded Beef Chili, Easy Slow Cooked Chili, Chicken Chili, and Pork Chili, we love them all. And leftovers, well they work great with potatoes or in Chili Corn Dog Pie.

Sometimes though you need something even easier than your basic chili recipe, so today I have an easy homemade chili seasoning for you.

Do you ever buy those little packets from the store for chili seasoning that makes cooking chili even easier?

Well, no more little packets from the store are needed when you make chili. Make up a large batch of this homemade chili seasoning and keep it in a jar or container in your cupboard and you can have chili on the table in no time.

One of the things I like about homemade seasonings is that I can control the ingredients. I know what goes in them. I can also make it as spicy or as mild as I want. I love being in control of my food and what goes into it.

And when I can control what goes into my food and also make dinner quick and easy, it is even better.

If you are interested in more homemade versions of your favorite foods, be sure to check out all my recipes in my homemade favorites series. 


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  1. Why use the cornstarch?

    • You don’t have to but I think it helps the texture. When I started making my own homemade versions of seasoning packages, I started by reading the label on the store bought ones, most of them have cornstarch or a thickener in them, so I started experimenting with adding them to my homemade ones and liked it.

  2. Just recently my family is eating gluten free. Thank you for all the gluten free spice mixes!! I really appreciate them.

  3. Would there be any adjustments to the other measurements if I leave out cornstarch?

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