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Ball Blue Jar Collection

Have you all seen the new Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars ?! I love these.

I love jars of all kinds. I have mentioned before that I use them for all kinds of things. I love them for canning of course, but they work great for storing and serving as well.

I even have a collection of old jars, including some really old blue glass jars. Some of them even have the glass lids or the old fashioned screw on metal ones. I have quite a few that were my grandmothers, but also some that came from garage and estate sales. Over the years I have found various ways to display them in my house.

My friend Jessica recently posted a picture of a blue jar she was drinking out of and I thought it looked great because I love uses jars for things like that.

Then I was in Target last week and saw these new Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars  on an end display and instantly knew I wanted them. I thought they would be great to use in food photos. Yes, I can use my old blue jars, but since many of them were my grandmother’s I don’t like to, so I knew these would work well in photos.

And I will admit that Target is a dangerous place for a food blogger. They have so many cute kitchen and food related things. I really have to be careful when I enter Target. This day though I gave in and bought a package of six jars.

Once I got the jars home and washed them, I knew I would be using these for way more than food photos.

I mean really doesn’t that jar full of ice water look so good! Perfect for hot summer day. And I am thinking these jars used as drinking glasses on a table with my Fiestaware dishes would be perfect.

My house and table are far from fancy. I live in the country with three kids, animals, and a lot going on. Fancy does not describe my family at all, so I think I will be going back to Target for some more blue jars to use for drinking glasses.

What is your favorite use for jars? 

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