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Gluten Free Frozen Pizza {Quick and Easy Gluten Free Dinner Idea}

Homemade Gluten Free Frozen Pizza

Last week on my main section I shared how I make homemade frozen pizzas. I know many of you read my main section, but I also know that many of you don’t, so I wanted to be sure to highlight my homemade frozen pizzas here in my allergy section as part of my quick and easy gluten free dinner ideas.

You can buy gluten free frozen pizzas, but they are often expensive and not that great. Making your own at home is a great way to get the convenience of gluten free frozen pizza without all the expense. Not only that they taste better.

All you have to do to make these gluten free is to use a gluten free pizza crust. My gluten free pizza crust or my easy gluten free pizza crust both work great. And be sure to read labels to be sure any pepperoni, Canadian bacon, or sausage you use is gluten free.

Now I am curious, have any of you made homemade gluten free frozen pizzas before?

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  1. Julie G says:

    I make the crusts and par bake them. Then I just pull them out, thaw for about 5 min, add my sauce and toppings and cook for 15 min. So great to have in the ridge!

  2. Julie G says:

    … fridge! I’m going to top and freeze my next batch. Thank you!

  3. Angela Figgins says:

    I use a jumbo muffin-top pan to bake the little pizzas in. I go ahead an make the full pizzas, not just the crust since I have all the pizza stuff out at once anyway. Then they are quick & easy for my husband to grab from the freezer and take them to work. Sometimes I use white sauce from a jar, and sometimes pesto. (He can’t have tomatoes either)

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