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Gluten Free Nut Free Granola Bars

Gluten Free Nut Free Granola Bars

If you are gluten and/or nut free you know how hard things like granola bars are to buy. If you can find them they are often expensive and lacking in taste.

Homemade is usually your best option, but who wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen making homemade granola bars? Today I have an easy homemade granola bar for you. Really these are easy to make and taste great.

If you are looking for a gluten free nut free granola bar these are for you.

A few months ago I bought some brown rice syrup and decided to use it in one of my favorite homemade granola bars. I really liked the granola bars with the brown rice syrup, but I know many of you will not have any on hand, so if you don’t have any I gave another option in the recipe below.

And if you want to make these a little different and more dessert like, stir in some chocolate chips or raisins.

Gluten Free Nut Free Granola Bars_

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures
Lynn's (Gluten Free) Kitchen Adventures

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  1. Hi, Lynn – these look great- and so easy, too. Was wondering if this is a crunchier rather than chewy type bar? It appears that way from the picture. Thanks!

  2. mary cynova says:

    you can also add, dried cranberries, or raisins, or my favorite sunflower seeds. MaryC of SW OKCity, OK

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