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Evie’s Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken

Evies Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken

Today’s recipe for Slow Cooking Monday comes from my sister Evie. Evie has shared some great recipes with my readers over the last few years and this looks like another delicious one. Thanks Evie. 

I plan my meals ahead of time and I try to follow my menu plan, I really do.  Overall, it saves me time and makes cooking dinner go a whole lot smoother.  However, with two small kids and husband who frequently works on-call, all too often my dinners don’t go according to the plan.

I first made this recipe on a day when the menu plan said “Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches,” Mid-way through the morning I realized that grilled chicken just wasn’t going to happen for dinner.  I had already thawed out frozen chicken breasts, so those needed cooked.  I wanted to make something that I could prepare mostly ahead of time and wouldn’t require very much effort at dinner time.  I decided a crockpot recipe was my best bet.

I decided to stick with a teriyaki type theme and started searching around online.  I didn’t find anything that I had all of the ingredients for, so I decided to come up with my own version of Hawaiian chicken.  It was easy, had simple ingredients which I almost always have on hand, and best of all it turned out delicious.  It has become one of our family’s favorite dinners.

Evies Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken-


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