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Triple Meat Pizza

Triple Meat Pizza

For my son’s birthday last week he requested homemade pizza for dinner. That was no surprise because pizza is his favorite meal. As it is for most 12 year old boys.

When I asked him what he wanted on his pizza he said pepperoni. When I asked if he wanted anything else on it he said bacon and sausage. Spoken like a true man/boy. No supreme pizza for him. Just meat, meat, and more meat. It makes for the perfect pizza if you are twelve years old. Or really any age!

Triple Meat Pizza-

So how could I say no to making a triple meat pizza for his birthday.

Now I will say this is a filling pizza. It has 1 1/2 pounds of meat on it. That is a lot of meat for one pizza, but that is why this pizza is so good. Most of the time I make two pizzas for my family, for this triple meat pizza we really only need one. It is filling and delicious.

Triple Meat Pizza_



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