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Dark Chocolate Cherry Breakfast Muffins

Dark Chocolate Cherry Breakfast Muffins__

These dark chocolate cherry breakfast muffins are a creation of my 14 year old. She loves recreating my basic recipes to give them her own twist. These breakfast muffins are one of her recent creations.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Breakfast Muffins--

I love the fact that she now feels comfortable enough in the kitchen to experiment. I don’t think it will be long before she is creating all kinds of recipes of her own. Teaching your kids to cook is well worth the time and effort.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Breakfast Muffins-

When she was making these muffins she decided to make a large batch so that we could freeze some for easy breakfasts. This recipe makes about 24 muffins, so if you want a smaller batch just half the recipe.

And if you don’t like dried cherries, or don’t have any, these would easily work with raisins, craisins, or just about any other dried fruit.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Breakfast Muffins

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  1. Those muffins look amazing! I’m very impressed with your daughter for coming up with such a clever flavor idea. I might try making these with chopped candied cherries instead of dried. I have some leftover from making 3C bread (carrot, coconut, cherry) and would love another way to use them.

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