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Ground Beef Fried Rice {Quick and Easy Dinner}

Need a quick and easy dinner for tonight? This ground beef fried rice is a quick, easy, and inexpensive meal to make using everyday ingredients.

Ground Beef Fried Rice_

Over the last six years of blogging I have shared a lot of recipes with you. Many of the recipes I shared during my first year or two of blogging were favorites that I had been making for years. However, for many of the recipes back then, I did not share a picture or I shared a picture that had nothing to do with the recipe.

Some of the older recipes that do have a picture, do not have a very good picture. My daughter has been reminding me of this each week when she helps me with my menu posts. She loves to point out how bad my pictures used to be how far my photography has come. And there are quite a few posts that she loves to remind me that I need to redo. Kids are so helpful aren’t they?!

So, I am slowly trying to go back through and update those recipes and pictures. I am not sure I will ever get them all done, but I am trying to go back and redo some of them. A lot of the recipes are ones I still make often, so taking a new picture is easy to do. The problem is that I usually don’t remember to take a new picture until after the meal is half over.

There have been a few meals recently though that I have remembered to take pictures of  before they were devoured by my family. This ground beef fried rice recipe is one of them. And I have a few more I hope to update soon.

Ground Beef Fried Rice

This ground beef fried rice is one of those quick and easy meals that is inexpensive to make and freezes well, so I wanted to to be sure to highlight it today for those of you that may have missed it the first time I shared it. If you follow my menu plans each week you have probably seen this listed many times. We really do love this.

One of the reasons I love this ground beef fried rice is that it changes up the way I normally serve fried rice. I usually make fried rice just using whatever leftovers I have on hand. This though uses ground beef as the meat which gives it a lot of flavor and makes it a more meaty meal than many of the fried rices I make just using leftovers.

This is also easy to make gluten free by simply using gluten free soy sauce.

If you need a quick and easy meal and love fried rice, then this is a must try.


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