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Sloppy Joe Pizza

Sloppy Joe Pizza

One of my favorite meals to keep in the freezer is homemade sloppy joe sauce . I love to make a large batch of it to keep on hand for busy days. It is so easy to take out and serve over bread, hamburger buns, or even potatoes. Another favorite way to serve it is on pizza. Yes, pizza.

Sloppy joe pizza is delicious!

I actually took a picture of sloppy joe pizza months ago, but it was not a great picture, so I finally made it again last week and was able to get another picture for you. And of course my family did not mind me making it again since they love this pizza.

I like sloppy joe pizza because it is a fun way to change up pizza night. When I told my sister about sloppy joe pizza she said is sounds like a giant, open faced sloppy joe. And that is basically what it is, with a little cheese added on top.

I use homemade sloppy joe sauce or homemade bbq sloppy joes sauce  for this, but you could easily use whatever sloppy joe sauce you like. Even that famous can would work .

Sloppy Joe Pizza_


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