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Baked Breakfast Tacos

-Baked Breakfast Tacos-

Breakfast for dinner is one of the quickest and least expensive dinners you can make. And these baked breakfast tacos are perfect for your next breakfast for dinner meal.

It has been almost three years since I shared my oven tacos. We still love oven tacos and eat them often. As I know many of you do as well. They are so easy to make and everyone seems to love them.

Baked Breakfast Tacos

Since my family loves oven tacos, and also loves breakfast for dinner, a breakfast version of oven tacos seemed like a natural follow up to oven tacos. So I got to work and came up with a simple baked breakfast taco my family loves.

I have made these baked breakfast tacos many times, but they always got eaten before I could take a picture. Last time I made these though I told my family they had to let me take a picture before the dug in to eat them. I knew it was a recipe I needed to share with you and was determined to get a picture. They managed to wait while I took a few pictures and then they devoured these once again.

Baked Breakfast Tacos--

I call these breakfast tacos because they have eggs and sausage in them, but we usually enjoy them for dinner. If fact, I don’t think I have ever served these for breakfast. Although they would make a great breakfast, they also make a great dinner.

If your family loves my oven tacos, be sure to give this version a try. And if you have never tried my oven tacos you need to. Really you need to. They are one of my family’s favorite meals.

Baked Breakfast Tacos_




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  1. Sue Michaels says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe – it looks delicious. I have chickens so I am always looking for recipes that use extra eggs. But I was curious about the dish you use – the one in the pictures is very attractive. What size and brand is it?

  2. Can these be frozen? Sounds so good.

    • The filling could easily be frozen. If I was going to do that I would probably just mix the cooked eggs and sausage together with cheese and salsa and freeze that part. Then I would fill the shells and bake them the day I wanted them. Freezing the taco shells would change the texture of the shells and I don’t think they would be the same at all, but freezing the filling would work great!

  3. michele rutledge says:

    You can also turn a cupcake pan upside down and use that for the taco shells. They don’t fall over. I have also used flour tortilla


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