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Gluten Free Apple Cake Recipe {Mom’s Cake Made Gluten Free}

Mom's Apple-Cake

Today in my main section I am sharing my mom’s apple cake recipe that my she has been making for years. It is a basic cake that originally was made with rhubarb. I recently adapted it with apples and it was delicious.

It is a great cake, so I knew I wanted to share the gluten free version as well. This cake works great gluten free because it is such a moist and dense cake. Those kind of cakes usually adapt well to gluten free.

And yes if you look at the regular version you will notice that the pictures on both posts are the same. I did not have time to take more pictures and the gluten free cake looks the same as the real version, so I just went ahead and posted it with the same pictures.

If you are looking for a simple gluten free fall cake this one is a must try!

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