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Chocolate Covered Nutter Butter Cookies {30 Days of Christmas Recipes}

30 Days of Christmas Recipes from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

This might be the easiest recipe in my 30 Days of Christmas Recipes series. In fact, it is not really even a recipe and it only calls for two ingredients.

Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters__

My husband loves peanut butter. Anything peanut butter. But because of my daughter’s peanut allergy peanut butter is a very rare treat for us.

My sister knows this so for my husband’s birthday she mailed him a box of peanut butter treats. And she mailed it to his office so it never even had to enter our house.

Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters_

Really I was a bit jealous of the box she sent because it contained things like chocolate covered Nutter Butter cookies. I mean really a Nutter Butter dipped in chocolate!!

So yes I eat gluten free and can’t eat these anyway, but they look so good. Not only that they are so easy to make.

Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters-

Seriously if you need a simple, quick and easy, Christmas recipe then go buy a package of Nutter Butters and dip them in chocolate. White chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, or even dark chocolate will work. It really is that easy and delicious!

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