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Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos are quick, easy, and perfect for summer!

Fish Tacos

We made these fish tacos when I was at my parent’s last month and we loved them!

Let me just start by saying that although these were delicious, I know they are not authentic fish tacos.

We called them fish tacos and we loved them, but if you are going for authentic these are probably not for you. If you are looking for a quick, easy, and pretty healthy dinner that is delicious, then this is the recipe for you!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the recipe.

Fish Tacos

I have made fish tacos before. At some point I must have served them to my parents because they remembered eating them. However, I had no idea what recipe I had used or how I made them.

That is the trouble with food blogging and recipe development. Sometimes I make so many things that I can’t remember what I make. If I don’t post the recipe here it often gets forgotten about.

So when my parents suggested my fish tacos for dinner one night, I had to figure out what I had done in order to recreate them. I looked at a few recipes online and I kind of remembered what I did before. Or at least I tried.

I really did not follow any exact recipe. I combined ideas from a few and then used what my mom had on hand.

The result was delicious and perfect for a quick and easy summer.

Fish Tacos



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