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Pan Cooked Salmon with Cilantro Lime Rice

This simple pan cooked salmon with cilantro lime rice is a simple healthy dinner that goes together in no time!

Pan Cooked Salmon with Cilantro Lime Rice

Salmon is one of those foods that you either love or hate. I am on the love side of that debate. I love it. In fact, it is really the only fish I love to eat.

I will occasionally eat other fish in meals like fish tacos, but salmon is definitely my fish of choice. I love it smoked, in salmon burgers, grilled, or just cooked with a little lemon juice and butter like I am sharing today. I will eat it just about anyway it is served.

I was recently watching a cooking show, I don’t remember which one but it might have been Pioneer Woman, they were serving salmon over a cilantro lime rice.

I love salmon and I love cilantro lime rice, but I have never thought to combine the two into one meal. I loved the idea though and knew I had to try it.

I already have a cilantro lime rice recipe that I love, so that part was easy.

The recipe on the show had more of a teriyaki asian type flavor. I am sure it was good, but that combination over cilantro lime rice just didn’t sound good to me. I thought a more simple salmon would work better and bring out the flavor of both the salmon and the rice.

Pan Cooked Salmon with Cilantro Lime Rice

So I kept the salmon simple with just butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper. I served it over the rice and it was delicious!

It was also a meal that took less than thirty minutes to make, used only a few ingredients, and was fairly healthy.

I used frozen boneless skinless salmon fillets that I got at Costco, but other salmon will will as well. I like the fillets because they are easy to cook and are boneless.

pan cooked salmon with cilantro lime rice

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  1. Cynthia Ring says:

    I love how simple & clean this recipe is. Not overdone, a ton of ingredients, just simple & clean. Can’t wait to try it.

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