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Grilled Quesadillas

Grilled quesadillas are quick and easy to make. They are full of flavor and taste great!

grilled quesadillas

Grilled quesadillas are one of my favorite ways to make quesadillas. Quesadillas are easy to make. They don’t take very much time and you can keep them simple with just cheese as a filling. Or you can add whatever meat and vegetables you have on hand to make them more of a one dish meal.

I have been grilling quesadillas for years, but I don’t think I have ever shared them with you. I think that is because it is not really a recipe. Just simply something we do. But sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Don’t they look so good?!

grilled quesadilla

And for long time readers that is my son? My 6 foot 3 inch, 14 year old, son. Dirty hands and all.

What happened to the little boy from my early years of blogging?! He was so little back when I shared a post about cooking with my kids. His hands pretty much say it all. Those tiny little hands holding an apple back in 2009…

Now back to the grilled quesadillas and how we make these.

My 6 foot 3 inch, 14 year old, constantly eating, son loves these. Loves them! He loves them so much that this is the best picture I could get before he ate them.

Yes, you can make quesadillas in a skillet or on a griddle, but grilling them adds so much flavor. It gives them a slightly smoked flavor that you can’t get cooking them inside.

I like to assemble these inside and then take them outside to grill. You don’t want to assemble them on the grill. Make a bunch of them inside and take them out to grill.

If you have never made quesadillas on the grill you need to give them a try. So good!

grilled quesadillas



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  1. Shannon Furzer says:

    Where do you by GF corn tortillas in Ontario Canada? The only corn ones I have found have wheat flour in them. My daughter is celiac and cannot have wheat :(. She absolutely loves tortillas for wraps but I have not been able to find any that are GF that do not cost a fortune for 5.
    Thank you for your help.


    • I am not sure in Canada. In the U.S. most corn tortillas are all corn. Some contain wheat, but most do not. I like the Mexican brand ones because they have the best texture and seem fresher. I am not sure what you have available there. Do you have any Mexican brands ones or a Mexican type store that might carry one with just corn and no wheat?

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