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Bacon Salmon

Bacon Salmon combines two of my favorite foods. Bacon and salmon. So good!

Bacon Salmon

This recipe came about because what I had planned for dinner did not happen and I had to figure out something at the last minute. Some of my best recipes seem to happen this way. Figuring something out at the last minute forces me to be extra creative with what I have on hand.

I love salmon. I grew up in Oregon. Pretty much salmon country. The town I grew up in has a salmon festival. Salmon is something though that not everyone loves. It has a distinct flavor that you either seem to love or hate.  I love it!

My favorite way to eat salmon is smoked salmon. It is the best. But I love salmon just about any way you cook it.

Because I now live in Oklahoma, which is middle America and about as far away from salmon fishing as you can get, I buy my salmon frozen at either Sam’s Club or Costco. It allows me to have salmon anytime I want it.

I cook salmon all kinds of ways. I grill it. I cook it in the oven. I even pan cook it and serve it over rice.

Recently though when I was making it last minute and wanted to keep it simple, I simply pan cooked it in bacon grease.

Bacon Salmon

Earlier this year I shared my favorite ways to use bacon grease. Well, I am going to have to add this one to the list. It was so good!

This isn’t really much of a recipe. It is more of an explanation of what I did. You can easily vary the amounts depending on how much salmon you are cooking.

If you love salmon you need to try this. It is good!

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