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Pizza Fries

Pizza Fries make pizza night quick, easy, and delicious!

Pizza Fries

Our new favorite way to change up pizza night is to make pizza fries!

My family loves french fries. We love them as a side dish, but we also love turning them into homemade chili cheese fries, taco fries, and even bbq cheese fries. Our new favorite is pizza fries!

We have always loved french fries, but since going gluten free my family has loved them even more because they make a great gluten free base for so many things.

Pizza Fries

Friday night is pizza and movie night at our house. It doesn’t always happen, but as often as possible it is our family night. For years pizza has been our favorite dinner for family night.

Sometimes though I don’t feel like making pizza. Just keeping it real…On nights like that I often make tortilla pizza, but we also love to change it up and make these pizza fries.

This really isn’t much of a recipe. It is more of a how to. The day I took pictures we put pepperoni, salami, and olives on them because that is what we had on hand. But you can easily use sausage, Canadian bacon, peppers, onions, or your favorite pizza toppings.

If you need a quick and easy kid friendly meal this is for you!

pizza fries


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  1. Talk about timing! I’ve been looking for something different to fix tonight. We usually eat any leftovers in the fridge on Wednesdays, but tonight there are no leftovers. I’m definitely making these. If they go over as well as I think they will, they’ll go into regular rotation on our Friday and Saturday schedules, too. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Shirlene Weber says:

    Those fries look so good! Me and the 8 yr old would love them , hubby not so much. Soon we will have to try this .

  3. OF COURSE!!! Why didn’t I think of that?? THANKS for sharing!

  4. I have extra pizza sauce in the fridge. have you ever poured the pizza sauce over the fries like a real pizza or does that sound kind of gross. Think I will make this soon! Thank you!

    • Yes, I have and the fries get a little soggy. It works, but it changed the texture of the fries. We prefer to just dip the fries in the sauce.

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