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Ask The Readers {Grits}

A few weeks ago I posted about the most recent addition to my cookbook collection.

Yes, it was a whole book about grits. So, today I thought we would talk about grits.

Do you like them? Love them? Hate them? Or never had them?

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  1. i’ve never tried grits! i’d like to, though. 🙂

  2. The ones I’ve had I’ve hated, but I’ve never had them homemade. There’s a possibility I would like the right kind of homemade grits.

  3. Growing up in Alabama, I thought everyone had grits for breakfast. It wasn’t til I got to college that I discovered some people had other things for breakfast like hash browns, lox and bagels, etc. I remember getting to know some kids from New York who were as shocked at people eating grits as I was that people would eat Lox for breakfast.
    One New York girls decided that gag stood for grits are gross. I used my best southern drawl to ask her just what she thought her cornflakes were made of!

  4. Love, love, love grits!

  5. Love grits – especially cheese grits! Here in Charleston, we also love Shrimp and Grits…to die for! (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it)

  6. Another grits lover here! To be honest, I’m not sure one could claim Southerner status if they didn’t love ’em. 😉

    I eat them with butter and salt. Hubs on the other hand eats them with butter, salt, pepper and SUGAR. Nasty, I’m tellin’ ya. He’s a Hoosier, that’s for sure.

  7. Not as well as Oatmeal for breakfast, but yes, I love grits. – I eat them with sugar, butter, and a little salt. Cheese grits are good. Also, shrimp and grits. You can also mix in maple syrup, brown sugar, and my brother eats it with p’nut butter. .
    In Georgia

  8. I LOVE grits! They are perfect for breakfast, but also great for any time! Grits with cheese is the favorite of my 4 year old grandson.

  9. Scotchgrrl says

    I love grits. Have loved them since I was little. Mom used to make them with butter and salt. Cooking for myself, I have branched out a lot since then. Now I make them and top with cheddar cheese and bacon, sometimes I’ll cook a smoked sausage and chop it up to mix in along with galic. I have made them with butter and maple syrup or brown sugar. I love grits.

  10. Love grits! The instant kind are gross. Grits have to be cooked slowly in milk, butter, and salt to achieve creaminess.

  11. i love grits, and i’m interested in knowing more recipes and ways to prepare grits then the recipes i already know of so i hope you share some from your book. i will also try to get my hands on a copy

  12. Since I had grits for breakfast this morning I knew I had to comment when I read your email about the grits book. Being a southern gal I love grits. Stoneground are the best. Takes much longer to cook but worth it.

  13. Love grits

  14. Tabitha (A Penny Saved) says

    Being a Girl Raised in the South, I love grits, especially mixed with cheese and salsa or served with boneless buffalo wings.

  15. Lynda Clark says

    I love grits but out here in the Southwest it is hard to even find them and no one seems to know what they are. I have to order them online. A lot of people like to eat them as a cereal like cream of wheat, but I prefer to cook mine dry, like rice and slathered with gobs of butter and salt and pepper.

  16. I was raised in the South, so I love grits. Cheese grits are my favorite.

  17. I ate them a lot growing up – as breakfast with lots of sugar mixed in. One of my mother-in-law’s favorite bunch dishes is cheese grits.

    I enjoyed them, but don’t eat them now because of issues with corn products.

  18. Our whole family of 8 loves grits!
    I think the reason most people don’t care for them is because they’ve never tasted old-fashioned, slow cooking grits. Most places, even in the south, I am ashamed to say serve instant grits! You can’t hardly find long cooking grits in the grocery stores.
    So, my advice to those never having tasted grits. Try the long cooking ones along with shredded cheddar cheese & maybe even some bacon bits (the way we eat them- yum!) Btw, I order mine (50lbs.- organic) through a food co-op.

    • @Darleen, I agree, I prefer the old fashioned stoneground ones. The first grits I tried were instant ones and I did not like them at all, but once I had the old fashioned stoneground ones I liked them.

  19. I saw this post and thought it was so funny because “My Cousin Vinny” was on TV yesterday and I love the seen when he asked “What is a grit?” and they are afraid to taste them. I have never tasted any myself and my mom is from the south.

  20. I’m from Georgia and love my grits. I learn from a small cafe that if you put some Milk into the water, with salt and butter and let this come to a boil then add your grits….they will be very smooth tasting. I have tried this and it’s the only way I cook grits now. I add somewhere around a 1/2 cup of milk to the water for my husband and me. If you notice your grits are getting to dry then just add more Water to get the right consistency. I you want cheese you can add it when you cut the burner off or in your own bowl on top of your grits and mix it up and you will have wonderful cheese grits.

  21. There was a time when I wouldn’t touch grits or anything made from cornmeal, like corn bread. I’ve learned that our tastes do change over time as do our appreciation of textures in food. I’m still not overly fond of “gritty” foods, but after discovering grits on a drive to Savannah, I love them! I eat them basically the same way I eat cream of wheat. I’ve also discovered several types of corn bread that I enjoy. Live and learn!!

  22. I wasn’t raised on grits in Arkansas but learned to love them when I lived in North Carolina, even though I used to joke that they were made out of sawdust. I like them plain, with butter, cooked in chicken broth, or with cheese. Instant grits are an abomination. I had shrimp with cheese grits once and that was purely wonderful.

  23. Tammy Gomory says

    I love grits! Don’t remember how I got hooked on them. I was raised in Kansas. But remember ordering them any time they were on the menu. Now I make them at home and my 6 year old daughter loves them too. She often requests them for breakfast. Butter and honey are how we eat them. I would love to take a trip to the South and try them some of the ways you have all described them. YUM!

  24. I thought I hated grits, even though my grandmother was from Kentucky and used to serve them to me as a child. Then I went on a business trip to Atlanta. We were staying at a hotel that served breakfast. The woman asked if I’d like some grits and I told her no, I didn’t care for them. She said, “You don’t like grits. That just means you ain’t ‘et my grits!” I told her okay, I’d try them … went back for a couple more helpings. They were delicious! Just shows that it makes a difference in the cook (no offence, Grandma).

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