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Bacon Pizza

Bacon Pizza anyone?!

I think bacon pizza is our new favorite pizza. It is so good.

And when I say bacon pizza, I really do mean bacon pizza. We load our homemade pizza with bacon because bacon really should be the star of bacon pizza.

I got the idea for bacon pizza from a local restaurant that serves a pizza loaded with bacon and since my family loves bacon, I knew it was a pizza I had to try at home.

Bacon and cheese on a pizza had to be a good combination.

And good does not even begin to describe this pizza. See all that bacon?! YUM!

We really do love this bacon pizza. Our old stand by for homemade pizza was pepperoni, but bacon is now our go to homemade pizza. It is so good!

Have you tried bacon on your pizza before? If you have not tried it,  you really should give it a try. 



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  1. I’ve never tried Bacon Pizza, but my family loves bacon, so they would be thrilled if I made it! I think adding some other topping though, like peppers and onions would be good also.

  2. who can go wrong with a bacon pizza. Oh my, Lynn – you have outdone yourself with this one 🙂

  3. Catherine says

    This sounds amazing… and I even have a few pounds of bacon in the freezer from a sale a few months ago. I might try this over the weekend! Since you are the bacon expert, I think you should devote a post to your favorite way to cook bacon. I have heard it done many different ways, but I still haven’t really found a way that works for me.

    • That has been on my to post list for awhile and I have not done it. I need to try to get some good pictures next time I cook it, so I can share what I do.

  4. Bacon pizza is a staple in our home. In addition to the bacon we add tomatoes. We have also used turkey bacon which tastes wonderful!

  5. Bacon pizza is pretty popular in Aussie and NZ. It has the most lovely flavour doesn’t it? You could even try breaking an egg onto the middle of the pizza before you cook it. We also do that sometimes too.

    • I have done a breakfast pizza before, but not just by breaking an egg into a pizza. I did more of a sausage and scramble egg type pizza, but I may have to try it your way. It sounds good!

  6. I think a combination of Canadian bacon and regular bacon would be yummy, just fry the canadian bacon in the regular bacon drippings. I think the least messy way to cook bacon is to crank the oven up to 450 degrees, line a jelly roll pan with bacon, single layers only, then cook till it reaches the crispnes you desire. The only drawback to this is heating the oven in the summer time. I used to cook it in the microwave for people I cleaned for and she had me use layers of newspapers then cover those with paper towels, arrange bacon on paper towel then cover with more paper towel and cook till done. Throw away the paper mess and the worst of the clean up is done.

  7. Stephanie says

    We always eat bacon and mushroom pizza. It’s our favorite!

  8. add pineapple its the BOMB

    • I love pineapple on my pizza, but the rest of my family doesn’t. I do often put pineapple on 1/4 of the pizza or at least part of it because I agree it is the best on pizza!

  9. We love bacon pizza! We do bacon and sliced green olives. YUM!


  10. We love bacon pizza with a white sauce or garlic and olive oil as the sauce. Yum!

  11. Mmm…looks yummy! We love BLT pizza–Top the dough with mozzarella, crumbled bacon and sliced onions. Bake until golden brown, remove from oven, and top with chopped romaine and tomatoes. Then drizzle the whole thing with mayo (add some milk to get the right consistency). It’s to die for!

  12. Pamela Lopez says

    My boys would love this. It will me on my list for this weekend.

  13. I will try this, but Lynn! Pepperoni?! We haven’t made pepperoni in years. We love Hawaiian (everyone likes the pineapple on pizza even tho we are not fans elsewhere) and barbecued chicken (either Hawaiian chicken [with the dreaded pineapple] or with red onion slices). My son and husband love to make olive and pineapple or just olive (bleah). My daughter uses cream cheese and makes a jalapeno cheese bagel inspired pizza.
    Branch out a little 😉

    • Oh I love pineapple on my pizza, the rest of my family not so much. I often put it on just part of a pizza. I grew up in Oregon and we often ate shrimp on pizza, in fact we would do shrimp and olive which was really good. Oh there are so many things you can do with pizza. If only I could get my kids to branch out more. 🙂 My husband would love the cream cheese and jalepeno. I might have to try that one.

  14. I have been eating bacon on pizza for many years. However, the bacon has to be perfectly crispy. Nothing short of that is acceptable. Sometimes by itself, and sometimes with other toppings like pepperoni, or chicken. My personal favorite combination is bacon and dill pickles. Some places slice the pickles into chips, some chop them into cubes. The chips tend to fall off, but the cubes stay in place better.

    • I make a cheeseburger pizza, but besides that have never had bacon and pickles together on pizza, but I have several in my family that love pickles so I will have to try it sometime.

  15. I agree about bacon pizza. The more bacon, the better. Not only that, but I like the bacon on my pizza to be perfectly crispy. If it’s even the least bit rubbery, I won’t eat it.


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