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Baked Custard

Custard is an old fashion simple dessert. Many of our grandmothers and great grandmothers made them because they are simple and frugal. It is an easy dessert to make with ingredients that most of us have at all times.

If you need an easy and frugal dessert you should give custard a try.

For more frugal desserts and ideas see Frugal Fridays and Grocery Cart Challenge. Also posted at Foodie Fridays. I thought this would also make a great recipe to link to for Slightly Indulgent Monday because it is gluten free.

Adapted from Taste Of Home.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Your custard looks wonderful!

    If you don’t mind?
    Here is a gluten free blog that I have used. It has lots of good information about products that are gluten free, recipes, and living gluten free.

  2. I love baked custard! And you are right, they are very frugal! I have a lemon custard recipe on my site. So yummy and refreshing too. Don’t you love how simple they are too?

  3. My son would love this!! He’s all about some custard!

    Many blessings!

  4. Looks great – and it’s gluten free 🙂

  5. is this sort of like a warm pudding? I have never made custard before

  6. Angie, the texture is a little different than pudding. But yes it is kind of like pudding. We like it best warm, but it is good cold also.

  7. I love custard and yours looks and sounds great. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  8. Love custard. YUMMY!!!

  9. Oh my goodness — my Mom used to make this, but I never knew how. Now I do!
    Many thanks… Cass

  10. I made a lemon buttermilk pudding that was much like this this week. It’s such a comforting dish and it seems that I always have these ingredients on hand.

    Thanks for sharing this!!

  11. Oh this looks so good! Custard is something that for a long time I never really got excited about (I think because it’s not chocolate ;)). But a few years ago it’s like a flip switched, and now I think it’s one of the greatest inventions ever. Thanks for the recipe. It looks yummy.

  12. I just made this yesterday and the whole family loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I don’t think I’ve ever had custard, but this looks divine!! Definitely one for the books =D.

  14. I know I already left a comment but wanted to thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe at Slightly Indulgent Mondays!

  15. I have to assume this would work using coconut milk as well, or almond milk — for those of us with multiple food allergies..

    One could even play a bit, adding varied Lor Ann or Watkins flavorings??? Mayve some food colors? cherry juice for pik, etc.?

    I am excited to see some others here with offerings I MUST also explore. Thank you all for sharing, and thank you, Lynn, for all your work in this. This site is like and art gallery of GF foods.
    Beautiful offerings, YUMMY!!!

  16. Do hae a question. My mom used to make custards in large pans. Maybe a 2 qt casserole, but I don’t remember.. can you tell us what to use in a single larger size if we don’t have ramekins? Even a clue, lilke how full the vessel should be for the custard to cook properly w/o burning?? This would help immensely.

    (6 ramekins = ??? in larger-sized vessel?)
    (2 ramekins = ??? in larger-sized vessel?)

    Thanks SO much for these recipes. I am going to be teaching one of my friends (who has never had it) to make custard, so this is wonderful! But, I need to use larger vessels. Thanks!.


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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.