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Crockpot Style Gyros

We like gyros. My husband loves to eat them at Greek restaurants. I make a version at home that is definitely not authentic but we think it is very good. I usually grill the meat for them and serve them with yogurt sauce on pitas or tortillas.

I saw a recipe a while ago on Crockpot 365 that caught my attention. It was a crockpot version of gyros. I liked the idea but thought I could change the seasoning a little bit to make it more like we like them. You can see her version here. I used beef and ground pork because that is what I have a lot of. I also used Greek seasoning in it.

I think her way of layering the onions on the bottom of the crock pot and then laying the meat on top works well. My meat was very lean. I think you would have to be careful if your meat was not lean. If the meat had a lot of fat it would end up sitting in a pile of grease but it did work well for me. We really liked this. It was a great crockpot meal.

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  1. Mmmm! Sounds and looks great! Thanks for sharing. I saw your paperback swap logo – I love that site; we’ve gotten so many great books from there.Have a great week.


  2. Thanks for sharing. These look really good. They will go great when we study Greece.

  3. Oh boy, I’ll need to try this one…

  4. OH OH I love Gyros, I’m definitely trying this one.

  5. Catherine R. says

    Do you ever use lamb? I think lamb is my favorite of all meats. Also, I think tzatziki sauce is easy to make. Not that I’ve ever made it, I just know that’s what the Greeks put on it.

  6. Catherine, my husband likes lamb a lot and I know that is what is authentic but it is really expensive here in the stores. I feel bad buying it when I have a freezer full of other meat. Do greeks ever use other meats in gyros? And what is in the real tzatziki? Or does it vary by family and region?

    • Kat Kalayci says

      The typical Turkish Gyro is made with lamb. They also have a wonderful chicken version. Your recipie reminds me a lot of Turkish meatballs…we use no pork. The ground chicken would be good and we would add sumac to the spices. Dill in both the meat and sauce. For summer we also like to add fresh mint to the cucumber sauce. Another hint if using regular yogurt, pour the yogurt in a cheesecloth, tie with to a wooden spoon set the spoon over a bowl and leave in fridge overnight to thicken..yummy!

  7. Catherine R. says

    You know, I heard that the gyro is actually more so one of those ethnic New York things…when the Greeks came over to the US. I think the same is true for many Jewish foods; people think they originated in Israel but they really originated from Jews in NY city in the old days.

    Though I have never been to the motherland LOL (Greece), apparently the gyros made in Greece use pork or chicken most of the time, roasted and sliced. But then the Greeks that come to the US use lamb and beef. Don’t know why. I know that the most authentic way is to roast and slice the meat.

    I think in Greece they use goat’s milk yogurt for the tzatziki but I’m sure it would be fine with regular yogurt. There seems to be decent recipes online : )

    • Debbie Tramundanas says

      Nope, you are wrong. I was married to a Greek, and I lived in Greece, and they sell Gyros both in restaurants/Tavernas, and out on the street corners-from carts- by street vendors; (similar to the Hot dog carts in many U.S. Cities.) Most of the Gyros in Greece are a combo of ground lamb and it is mixed with other ground meat- beef, or pork. The recipe for the yogurt sauce on here is pretty close to the mark, I prefer to peel and shred my cucumber, and there should be dill weed added to the recipe. Even though the Greek seasoning is in the sauce, to get the true flavor , additional dry dill weed should be added. Using Greek yogurt (now that it is regular grocery stores) will give a richer, creamier taste to the sauce, and boost the protein at the same time.

  8. Thanks Catherine. I thought you would know more than me on the subject of Gyros!

  9. mjpuzzlemom says

    This looks great! Thanks for sharing!


  10. The Apron Queen says

    Sounds wonderful. And delicious! And even better yet, EASY!

    Confessions of an Apron Queen

  11. Pennies In My Pocket says

    When I saw gyros on Mr. Linky, I had to come over. I love ’em!!! This sounds so fabulous…I’ll have to try it.



  12. Crockpot Lady says

    Hi Lynn, I’m so glad these worked out for you! they were really fun for me to make, and then even more fun to eat.

  13. Phil will be very happy that I have this recipe. We are huge Gyro fans.

  14. These look great…love me some gyros!


    Where do you buy this Greek seasoning?

  15. I buy the greek seasoning at my grocery store. They have it in the spice section. I have also seen recipes for homemade greek seasoning, but by the time you buy all the spices to go in the seasoning I figure the buying it premade is cheaper and easier.

  16. It looks like this sauce IS tzatiki.

  17. I am wondering what the consistency of the meat is once it is cooked? Is it like “real” gyro meat?

  18. Do you add any liquid in the crockpot with the garlic, onion, and meat? Seems like it would dry out or burn without any liquid?! I’ve got everything together to make these and am unsure about that part!

  19. Tried this tonight and loved it! I made a few changes/additions. I made it with the beef and turkey combo, but I plan to use pork the next time. My husband, who is crock-pot ambivalent at best, said that this recipe is a repeater! Thanks so much for posting it! I pan fried the strips of meat for a few seconds per side after shaving them off of the loaves, and it really made the texture a bit more authentic. And even yummier!

  20. I live in a reserved rural area. I don’t know what “Greek Seasoning” is. What spices are in the blend? Thank you.
    I have a dairy allergy, so I find your recipes easy to substitute dairy free products. Keep up the good eats!

  21. Crockpot Chef says

    This recipe is awesome! I used Beef and turkey, but I did have a decent amount of oil at the bottom of my pot by the end. Maybe I need to use leaner beef? Anyways it was great regardless! I couldn’t find greek seasoning in the store, so I looked up what ingredients to make the greek seasoning and it worked very well! I used a suggestion from above with pan frying the slices of meat before serving so that it looked and felt more authentic haha. Good stuff!

  22. im confused. You said you used ground pork and ground beef? But then you said you sliced the meat before serving. Isn’t ground meat the consistency of taco meat? I don’t understand.

  23. What is Greek seasoning

  24. Hi, I just found this recipe through and would love to make your gyros, some time this next month. But what sides do you suggest to serve with them to make a meal?

    • I like something like salad with a cucumber dressing or just cut up veggies like carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes with them. I hope you enjoy them! And I am glad you found the recipe through Stacy Makes Scents. That is a great list she put together!

  25. Greek Seasoning : Mix salt, garlic powder, basil, oregano, cinnamon, black pepper, parsley, rosemary, dill, marjoram, cornstarch, thyme, and nutmeg in a bowl. Store in an airtight container. Alternately, blend spices in a spice grinder for a finer texture.
    Greek Seasoning Blend Recipe –
    I don’t have the amounts but I’d just make a pinch of the above ones that you like & add those.

  26. Sounds good but I would add chopped cucumber to sauce and feta cheese and tomatos on the top.

  27. How many servings does this make? I hope I didn’t miss it somewhere in the article.

  28. I am making this today—Can’t wait to try it—Will let you know how my family likes it….

  29. nancy sawyer says

    where do you get greek seasoning

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