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Dough Enhancer-Kitchen Tip Tuesday

This is my first time posting a tip for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays at Tammy’s recipes.

My kitchen tip is using dough enhancer in recipes that call for whole wheat flour. I have been baking bread for quite a few years but had not used dough enhancer until recently. My sister was telling me about the dough enhancer she had tried and how she thought it made a difference.

Well, after hearing her talk about it I had to try it. I have tried it in several recipes and I love it. It really does make Whole Wheat recipes better. They have better texture and are much lighter. Overall, it really makes it better. I know that it does raise the cost of making my own bread but I feel the results are well worth it.

I have tried to make whole wheat pizza crust before. It was not my husbands favorite. He likes his pizza crust thick and fluffy, more like a deep dish. The whole wheat just changed the texture too much for him. He liked my regular kind better. I recently tried whole wheat pizza crust with the dough enhancer and he really liked it. It was much lighter then when I had tried it before. He said to make it with whole wheat again. So I know it must have made a difference.

I have tried it in bread, pizza, rolls, and even cookies. I have really liked the results I have gotten with it. I am planning on trying it in a lot of other recipes.

Has anyone else tried dough enhancer? What have your results been?

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  1. Great tip! I haven’t tried enhancer before. Might have to give it a try! Where do you find it at the grocery store?

  2. The dough enhancer may be hard to find depending on where you live. My sister lives on the West Coast and found it at her health food store. I looked at the health food stores near me and they did not carry it. One said that they used to but no longer did. I ended up ordering some online from The problem with ordering it is the shipping is a lot from the websites I found. But now that I know I like it and I let a friend try some of mine we will be ordering together and just order several containers of it. I would try to look at your health food type stores. I hope you find some. I also found some recipes online to make your own but I thought that by the time I bought all the stuff it would not be much more to order it. I may figure it out though and see.

  3. BarbaraLee says

    What is dough enhancer? I make my own bread too but my family doesn’t like wheat. I just want more nurtion in it. I was thinking of sub some cups of white flour with wheat. But I figured it has to be better then store bought bread w/all the extra chemicals add.

  4. Dough enhancer is a product made of whey, sea salt, soy powder, and several other things. You add a tablespoon or less to recipes that contain whole wheat. I hope that answers your question. If not let me know. As far as using whole wheat in recipes. I have found the best success at just taking recipes I like and using some whole wheat in place of the reg. all purpose. I started small getting my family used to it. In other words if a recipe calls for 4 cups of flour replace 1 cup or less with whole wheat. As we have gotten used to it I have gradually added more whole wheat to things. If you start out with 100% or even 50% you might get more complaints. Try using 25% or less at first. You do not have to have a recipe that calls for whole wheat to use whole wheat. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Dough enhancer is basically powdered whey, so most people should be able to find it at a health food store or even a pharmacy.

  6. We have switched to using a white wheat for everything, baking, rues, you name it, we use White Wheat flour instead of all purpose. Contrary to popular belief, White Wheat is not a combo of bleached white and whole wheat flours. White wheat has all the nutrients of whole wheat as it is still a wheat, it just happens to come from a white stalk of wheat, make sense? We get a high gluten version of white wheat from our local bulk food store, and I have been so happy with the results in breads, cakes, cookies and like I said, even rues! Happy Baking!

  7. I know this post is a few years old but I’ve found dough enhancer at Smith’s/Kroger’s stores and also at Wal-mart. The initial cost of buying the tin is expensive but it lasts forever.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.