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Everyday Adventures

Happy Friday!

Are you ready for a three day weekend? I know I am. It is the unofficial start to summer. I don’t know about where you live, but here in Oklahoma the weather definitely feels like summer. We went from a cooler than normal April to a warmer than normal May. I think we kind of skipped spring and moved straight to summer this year.

Saturday Pancakes

With kids growing up and schedules getting busy with school, work, and friends, I appreciate more and more a slow Saturday morning where everyone is home for a pancake breakfast.

Can we talk about griddles for a minute? I loved my ceramic griddle when I got it back in 2015. I even posted about how much I loved it. I am not loving it so much anymore. It was great for the first year or two, but I feel like it is wearing out. It is getting very discolored and stuff is sticking to it. I think I might have to replace it. Do you have a griddle that you love? I would love suggestions for replacing mine.

homemade frozen breakfast burritos

If you need some easy breakfasts or lunches for the summer it is a great time to make some homemade freezer breakfast burritos. We have been making a ton of these for easy meals. These work with Mission gluten free tortillas as well.

Books in Living Room

I feel like this has been the state of my house for the last few weeks. Piles of papers, books, and other things everywhere. We are having a bunch of people over this weekend, so guess what I am working on today…

We are finishing up our fourteenth year of homeschooling. At least I think it is fourteen years. I need to go back and figure out exactly how many years it has been. It has been a lot though. I don’t talk about homeschooling much here because this is a food blog, but homeschooling is a big part of our life.

Over on our book site my daughter shared how she developed a love or reading and a love of nonfiction books. If you struggle to get your kids to read you might enjoy reading it. I plan to do a follow up post to it sharing how I ignored the experts when it came to helping my kids enjoy reading. Because I totally went against what most experts say you should do.

We also shared a few of our favorite things over on the books site.

I have been working on some behind the scenes things here and on my other sites as well. I love the cooking and blogging part of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures, but the behind the scenes technically stuff is less enjoyable. It has to be done though, so over the last few weeks I have been working on the not so fun stuff. Like updating my privacy policy and other exciting things like that.

I want to take the time to also thank you for following along on my adventures. I love getting comments and emails from you. You help make this site what it is. I don’t want to clutter up your inbox though, so if you are reading this by email and no longer find my emails helpful, there is an unsubscribe link below. I mean that.

I hope you enjoy my emails and find them helpful, but if they are no longer a good fit I understand. I have been cleaning up my inbox and unsubscribing to things that I no longer find helpful. None of us need more clutter in our lives. I hope you choose to follow along on my kitchen adventures, but if not I totally understand.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Sandra Delvecchio says

    We are finishing up our homeschool year also with our last child. We had six, the oldest is 29. So it’s been a long long road and they are all either in college or gainfully employed. A happy surprise is that this last boy has actually been the easiest and most self motivated in his last year, I have lent had to fuss with him at all. Thank you for the effort you’ve always put into your food, it has helped me a lot, especially the baked oatmeal ideas.

    • You have been at homeschooling much longer than I have! My youngest has two more years and it is strange to be at the end of our homeschool years. And that is great that you had a self motivated kid to end your homeschool years! That makes homeschooling so much easier. I am so glad that you enjoy my baked oatmeal recipes. Thanks for reading and following along.

  2. I am love looking at the pretty ceramic electric skillets & griddles, but I never bought one because I always worried they would stain and get discolored over time. I am glad I didn’t take the plunge and change mine over.

    For years and years, I have used this one And by years I mean I have had it as a workhorse in my kitchen for 11 years. I make pancakes, chimichangas, tortillas, grilled cheese. I absolutely love it. I have very specific requirements when it comes to electric appliances and this one meets all of them: removable griddle so that I can completely submerge it and clean, very large cooking surface so I can get more done in one shot, digital temp gauge so I can quickly adjust when needed, this one has a ready light so you know when the temp has been reached for optimal cooking. Seriously, this thing has worked so well for us. Plus, I do not like cooking with oils….this one is built so well and it so good as a non-stick, I never have to use oil on top of the griddle…not even with pancakes.

    I can not highly recommend it enough.

    • Thank you for sharing that! I will have to look at that one. I love that it has a removable griddle. Most of them don’t have that. And I also am glad to hear that yours has lasted so long. So many times the non stick starts to wear off in a year or two, so I am glad to know this non stick lasts. Thanks for the recommendation!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.