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Everyday Adventures {40} Books, Birds, Tomatoes, Dairy Free Waffles, and More

This week for Everyday Adventures we are talking books, birds, muffins, tomatoes, and more.


My son grabbed my phone when we were driving down the road the other day to take a picture of this bird. It is not the clearest picture, but it was a neat to see this large bird with his wings spread out and I am glad he got a picture of it.

The reality behind that neat shot though is that we were on a country road and there was something dead along the side of the road that bird was about to go after. It was getting ready to take off. Thankfully we drove off before it enjoyed its dinner. 🙂

Bird's nest in tomato plant

Speaking of birds I saw found this bird’s nest in one of my tomato plants this week. We have found bird’s nests in lots of places, but never in a tomato plant.

Dairy Free Waffles (1)

Waffles anyone?

I have been working on some new waffle recipes, so we have been eating lots of waffles. Monday I will be sharing three versions. Yes, three. A regular version, a dairy free version, and a gluten free dairy free version. And they are all light, fluffy, and  delicious waffles. I can’t wait to share them Monday.

Dairy Free Waffles (2)

Last week I took my kids to the music store to pick out some new piano music and to the used books store. We had so much fun at both places. We came away from the bookstore with quite a stack of used books.

I have shared many times how much I love to read. In fact, next week I have a what I have been reading post planned. My 15 year old daughter seems to have inherited my love of reading.

So far this year she has read 86 books. Yes, 86 books! And those 86 books were not small kids type books. Most of them were long serious books.

She loves history type books and has a goal to read a book about every president. Her favorite books are real life, real history books.

She has told me many times, mom why would I want to read a book about something fake that happened when I can read about real life that happened. I pretty much agree with her. I prefer books that cover real life and real people. And I am glad she prefers real life books over the type of books she could be reading at 15.

She might not be reading the average books of most 15 year olds, I am guessing she is not reading the type of books most adults read, but I am fine with that because I know she is learning a lot reading these types of books.

The problem has been though to keep her well stocked with books. We don’t live close to the library and the one in the town we live in is very small with a limited selection of books. So our main source for books is usually used and ebooks.

The picture above is the stack of books she picked out at the used book store. I almost told her that she could only get a couple of the books, but really how could I say no to that stack of books? They are all history related. That is not the average stack of books a 15 year old would pick out, so really I could not complain and gladly bought them for her.

They are also all books that I have not read, so it was a two for one thing. She gets some new books to read and so do I. A couple of them I might actually read before she does since I am not familiar with them.

If you have read any of them I would love to hear what your thoughts. And if there are any other history lovers out there I would love some book suggestions for her. At the speed that she reads I am always looking for books for her.


Last week we had a cooler than normal rainy day. That is a rare thing here in Oklahoma during July, so we took advantage of it and baked several batches of muffins to restock our freezer. I am so glad we did because this week we are back to very hot and humid and I have been avoiding the oven if at all possible.

The muffins in the front are Gluten Free White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins. The ones in the back are the same basic recipe as the raspberry ones, but with regular chocolate. The ones on the back right are a new recipe that need some work before I share the recipe.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Do you have any plans?

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  1. Did you know that buzzards cannot fly after they have eaten? (Until they digest.) They don’t eat often so they gorge. The weight of the food right after eating it too much to allow flight. Free science lesson there.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.