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Fresh from the orchard peaches!!

There has been so much about this summer that hasn’t been normal, and I have struggled with it the last few weeks. Our annual trip to the peach orchard was just what I needed.

It is a simple tradition that we could still do in the middle of a strange summer. Plus we were able to support a small business that is struggling like everyone else right now.

If you are struggling, look for something, even if it is small, to find joy in right now. There is still much to be thankful for in the middle of all this craziness.

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This is not the best picture but it is summer on a plate. It pretty much sums up most of our meals right now. 

A simple grilled burger with garden fresh tomatoes and vegetables. Fresh from the orchard peaches and corn cooked in the Instant Pot

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This might look like a delicious summer salad, but it wasn’t. I was trying something new and the flavors just didn’t work. We like my spinach strawberry salad, so I was hopeful a similar combination with peaches would work. It didn’t. Yes, I have cooking disasters too. 

I think the problem was the dressing. The pumpkin seeds also didn’t work. I am going to try again with a different dressing to see if I can come up flavors that will go well together. 

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I shared this on Instagram for the 4th of July. If you need an easy dessert for just about any holiday try M&M ice cream sundaes.

Ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and M&M’s. You can use holiday or regular M&M’s. It is an easy dessert that kids and adults love. 

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My reading life the last few months has contained way more fiction than I normally read. When life is stressful I tend to pick up easier fun to read books. 

If you feel the same way right now, I shared a list of books the read like a Hallmark movie over on From Our Bookshelf. It contains some of my recent reads along with some books that I have enjoyed in the past. 

Everyday Adventures 42

Over the last few months we have had a lot of trouble finding our favorite allergy friendly products. Nut free protein bars have been the hardest. 

My daughter likes to keep them on hand for quick breakfasts and lunches, but the brands that we liked have been out of stock everywhere. 

I ordered some No Nuts protein bars from Amazon. They were one of the only nut free protein bars that I could find so we decided to give them a try. They are really good. Not cheap, but good. If you are looking for a nut free protein bars you might want to try these. 

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Stay home and read pretty much sums up my weekend plans. So many things have been canceled, but reading hasn’t been. 🙂 Yes, that is me trying to focus on the positives right now. 

The t-shirt is from Bookshelf Tees. I have several of their t-shirts and love them. That isn’t a sponsored link. Bookshelf Tees has no clue who I am, but my daughter and I love their shirts. And I love being able to support a small business, especially right now. 

I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Peaches in a salad sounds good, I make it either with a spinach and arugula mix, and a poppyseed dressing with goat cheese crumbles or whatever cheese suits you. Of course it depends on but allergies, but toasted hazelnuts go well in it. 🙂
    The farm where we normally go picking for fruit is requiring masks in the orchard and we’ve had weather in the upper 90s for the last three weeks, so right now it is not fun to be outside for a couple hours wearing masks, so far we have not done any picking this summer as a result.

    • I agree, peaches with poppy seed dressing, goat cheese, and walnuts is a favorite.

      • I think the dressing was the issue. The flavors just didn’t work. A poppy seed dressing or something with similar flavors is a great idea!

    • The dressing on the salad is where the flavors seemed off, so a poppy seed dressing or something like it is a great idea! The pumpkin seeds were my attempt to get a nut like taste and crunch to it and the just didn’t work flavor wise either. The orchard we got peaches at was not requiring masks outside. I would not want to wear a mask outside picking peaches in the heat.

  2. I’ve read a lot of the same books.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.