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Freezing Fried Rice

Fried rice is a frugal and easy meal. It is also a great way to use up leftover rice.

There are so many variations of fried rice. I have never posted my recipe for basic fried rice because I don’t really follow a recipe, I usually just use what I have. I will try though to write down the basics next time I make it.

Today I want to talk about freezing fried rice. I discovered this a few months ago and have been loving it.

I had leftover fried rice one night and I decided to freeze it in a ziploc type bag to use for a quick lunch one day. The day I needed it for lunch I just took it out of the freezer in the morning and reheated it at lunch time. It worked perfectly.

I am now making and freezing large batches of fried rice for quick and easy lunches and dinners.

I do have a recipe for ground beef fried rice that is a little different than your regular fried rice and it would freeze well. Shaina from Food For My Family also has a recipe for fried rice that I need to try soon.

What is your favorite fried rice recipe? Have you ever frozen it?

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  1. This is my favorite basic fried rice recipe:

    I have never frozen it but that’s a great idea I will definitely try. I also like to make Spanish rice like this when we have tacos, etc. for dinner and find I have a lot leftover at times. Freezing might also be a good way to repurpose that for other meals.

  2. I learned how to make fried rice out of necessity. When I came home with my daughter from China she refused to eat the fried rice from the Chinese restaurants. I tried several times to duplicate what we had in China and this is as close as I could get. Oh, and she LOVES it! 🙂

    3 c cooked Jasmine rice, cooled (1 1/2 c water to 1 c uncooked rice)
    1 c frozen peas and carrots
    1 c cubed cooked ham
    1 egg
    salt and pepper
    Low sodium Soy Sauce
    2 tsp. Olive Oil, divided

    Add 1 tsp olive oil to a skillet set to med high heat. Add rice and quickly begin stirring with a large spatuala. When heated through, about 3-5 min. add peas and carrots and ham. Continue to stir until heated, another few minutes. With the spatula, push the rice mixture to one side of the skillet. Add 1 tsp. olive oil to empty side. Crack the egg into the oil and begin stirring it with the spatuala until almost set. Mix in with the rest of the rice mixture. Add just enough soy sauce to make the rice a light tan color. I don’t know how much…I just sprinkle it on. Sprinkle with pepper to taste.

    I have used cooked frozen rice with this and it turns out great. The key to great fried rice is using the Jasmine rice.

  3. Definitely agree on the use of Jasmine rice! The perfect sticky rice. I also find that day-old rice works better for fried rice.

  4. I have been making fried rice a lot recently and just mentioned it on my blog this week too…. I use up leftover rice then saute onions and veg then add the rice, soy sauce and egg. It freezes really well and I can take one out for lunch or have it for dinner one night with won ton soup 🙂

  5. I freeze my leftover rice to use later for fried rice. I love fried rice because it doesn’t really require a recipe, just use up leftover meat and veggies.

  6. Love fried rice! I got my recipe from a dear Japanese friend of mine from church. You can use shrimp, chicken, bacon, etc. –

  7. This is the recipe I use to make for my husband:

    He likes it. I’m not a fan of fried rice, so I can’t attest to how it tastes. Any similar recipe, I suppose, could be used in place of it and just follow that method.

  8. I love looking at everyone’s recipies! I loathe the jasmine rices – my nose is sensitive LOL – but we do love rice and I don’t do this often enough – making some to freeze is a good idea – it would also be great as a base for some sort of rice bowls for school lunches – then I could plan the rest of the bowl by what each kid will eat! sigh

    • @cherie,
      I had to laugh at this one! 🙂 I had never had Jasmine rice until I went to China. Now, every time I open the bag I take a good long whiff because the smell takes me right back there!

  9. FoodontheTable says

    Good idea to keep some fried rice in the freezer to pull out for a quick lunch!

  10. I froze Spanish rice once, but it was soggy after being thawed. My recipe calls for broth and canned tomatoes, so the end product is rather moist, and I think that’s what caused the sogginess. I gave up on freezing rice, but might try again with some fried rice. I love making fried rice with leftovers from a pork chop, rice, & veggie dinner.

  11. i’ve never made fried rice but now i want to try!

  12. I have found that rice freezes best if it is put into its container and then into the freezer while still warm. Thank you for these recipes!

  13. Hi there, I had the same idea a couple weeks ago, and made a huge batch. The reheated fried rice was awesome a couple days later, but I just pulled one out today (after about a week or longer) and its the grossest consistency. Spongey, watery, mushy, etc. Have you tried it after freezing for very long?

    • I have never had that happen and I have had it in the freezer for several weeks before, sometimes longer. Did you use long grain rice for it?

  14. Hi i just thought i would share my recipe for fried rice its the best recipe i have made for fried rice a family fav
    now i have 5 kids so my recipe is for a lot of it but you can just halve it for less people.

    1 kilo of uncooked rice
    250grams cooked diced bacon
    1 capsicum diced
    3 onions diced
    4 carrots diced
    1 cup frozen peas
    1-1 and a 1/2 cups canned corn kenrnel’s
    4 eggs
    5 cloves of garlic
    2 table spoons fish sauce
    half a cup soy sauce more if needed

    1:cook rice till just cooked
    2:grill bacon till crispy then dice
    3:dice all other vegies about the same size
    4:beat eggs and make a standard omlet then remove and dice
    5:add vegies to wok stir fry for about ten minutes add diced bacon and crushed garlic
    6:add diced egg and warm through
    7:add cooked strained rice make to strain it well
    8:add fish sauce and salt and pepper to taste
    9:add soy and use egg lifter to fold till combined well check for seasoning and add salt if required
    10: serve and enjoy

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.