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Homemade Baked Jo Jo Potatoes

Jo Jo Potatoes are one of the those foods that brings back childhood memories for me. Or not so much childhood, but teenage living in a small town type memories.

I grew up in a very small town, kind of in the middle of nowhere, okay really in the middle of nowhere, in far northwest Oregon. It was, and still is, a small logging town with one small grocery store, one gas station, and no stop lights.

There were some downsides to living that lifestyle, like the nearest mall, shopping, and doctors offices, were all almost an hour away, but there were also some very good things about growing up like that and I would not change it for anything. There is something special about living where everyone knows everyone.

On the main street of town is a gas station/convenience store that used to sell a few deli type foods, pizza pockets, (anyone remember those), and a few other things. The may still sell those things, but it has been years since I stepped foot in that gas station store.

Being as this store was right across from the school it was a common spot for lunch, after school, and game night snacks. In other words local school kids loved to go there because there is only so many places to go in a small town.

Besides pizza pockets and a few other foods that teenagers love, they sold Jo Jo Potatoes. If you have never had or heard of Jo Jo Potatoes they are large potato wedges, that are coated and seasoned, and usually deep fried.

Totally unhealthy, but totally delicious and I ate way too many of them during my teen years.

Being as I don’t live in that same small town in Oregon and most people in Oklahoma have no clue what Jo Jo Potatoes are, I have had to come up with my own homemade version of Jo Jo Potatoes.

Many recipes that I have seen for Jo Jo Potatoes contain bread crumbs, but bread crumbs don’t give the potatoes quite the same texture that I remember. Bread crumbs give it a rough texture and I was looking for something more like the ones I grew up eating that had a smoother texture.

The ones I remember had a flour like crispy coating. This might vary by region or store, but I was out to recreate the ones from my childhood and knew breadcrumbs were not it. I was pretty sure that simply seasoned flour was more what I was looking for.

Jo Jo’s are also usually deep fried, but since I no longer have the metabolism of a 15 year old, I was looking to save calories and fat and thought I could get a similar result by baking.

Most Jo Jo’s that I have eaten also contain the peel, which does give them a more rustic and crispier edge. The day I took the photos though I was using potatoes that had seen better days, so I peeled them and I have not had time to retake all the photos.

Feel free to leave the peels on or take them off, whatever you prefer works here. I also prefer them to be more like wedges, but again the potatoes I used when I made these last had seen better days and I ended up with chunks once I cut out the bad spots. They still tasted great though.

If you have never had Jo Jo’s you really need to give them a try. Jo Jo’s are perfect with hamburgers, hot dogs, and many other things. And they make a great snack as well, especially if you are a teenager.

Now I am curious how many of you have had or heard of Jo Jo Potatoes? 

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  1. A local (New Orleans area) restaurant makes them this way but calls them Bo Bo potatoes. Jo Jo sounds a lot more appetizing.

    • Yes, I think Jo Jo sounds better, although I have no ideas where that name came from either. It is interesting how the same food can have so many different names.

  2. We have them here and they are called Ho Joes….isn’t it funny how the same food got different but similiar names.

  3. I am from Arkansas and we call them potato logs-they are in every gas station!

    • I love hearing all the different names these are called. It sounds like they are the same type of thing sold in gas stations across the country, but called by a lot of different names.

      • Sharon Clark says

        I am from eastern WA and we always called them Jo Jo’s as well. Maybe that’s a “Pacific Northwest” name

  4. I grew up in Portland Oregon and now live in Dallas Texas. I remember Jo Jo Potatoes well! They have potato wedges here that appear to be similar if not the same, sold in Walmart deli cases and gas stations everywhere. But, I never buy them and may have to try your homemade version. Thanks for a good memory!

    • Wal-marts here sell a potato wedge here, but I never thought about them being the same. In fact I am not sure I have ever tried them. You may be right, they may be basically the same thing but called something different.

      • Michele ºÜº says

        I hope you try the ones in Walmart here in OK because that is what I thought of with your recipe. We had the same thing in VA, but I’ve never heard them called Jo Jo’s and I would love to know if they are the same thing.

  5. I was curious to see these “jo-jo” potatoes–around they’re called potato logs or potato wedges, and you’re right, they’re usually unpeeled, rolled in seasoned flour, not breadcrumbs, and deep fried. Every gas station or grocery store w/ a deli makes and sells these, Interesting to read about the different names.

  6. I grew up in NH and now live in the Boston area and have never heard of these. They look good! I am definitely going to try them!

  7. The local gas station in my small hometown in WV also sells Jo Jo potatoes along with the BEST fried chicken! We usually get it at least once whenever we visit.

  8. I’m from Washington state and moved to oklahoma. I too have the same problem they r called potatoe wedges here but aren’t the same as a Jo Jo!!!! I miss eating Jo Jo’s!!!! I was in a gas station once and asked for Jo Jo’s and the guy looked at me like I was crazy

  9. Hi Lynn,
    I am from Idaho and we still have Jo Jo’s here. I can’t wait to try your baked recipe as all the ones here are deep fried. Keep up the great recipes they are awesome.

  10. I love Jo Jo’s and treat myself to them every now and then. They are easy to find in the deli section of the grocery stores here in Minnesota. (They aren’t always called Jo Jo’s though.) I love the idea of being able to make them myself at home. Thank you!

  11. They were called JoJo’s at the gas station in my town in NW Missouri. You could also get a big bucket of totally unhealthy fried chicken….

  12. We had them at the local “Corner Pantry” gas station in Georgia. We called them Tater Boats–no clue why.

    We’d make a run for a half dozen of those and a cream horn between classes and band practice–all downed with a Coke. I can’t imagine trying to choke down that combination now. Ugh.

    • ellenshipman says

      I always thought we called them tater boats here in Ga. Because of the long boat like shape. Lol. I named my dog tater boat. He’s a chiweenie. Lol

  13. Yep!
    They still sell those greasy taters, along with other deep fried foods.
    And……(gasp)……..they now have biscuits & gravy breakfast for the logger types.
    Everything served in a paper sack or plastic foam box!

  14. I grew up in a small town in VA, no stop lights either. And used to get potato wedges or potato logs from a gas station quite frequently! A grocery store chain where I live now in VA still sells them with the fried chicken.

  15. Hi! We love Jo jos and live in St. Helens Oregon. I can’t wait to try your version. But I am so curious as to what town you were describing? It’s almost sounds like one not far from here….

    • Hi Melissa,

      I just had to jump in and say that I live in Clatskanie! Small world!

      • Hi Katie, gotta love the web, bringing us all together! Oh and I tried the recipe and lived them!

      • Our son’s family live in Forest Grove. When we’ve been to see them, and then take 26 out to the coast, we go through Clatskanie. Here where we live (Everett, WA) they’re called Jo-jo’s. I found your site because I have a hankering for some, and searched for a recipe. (We have snow today, so not going out to get them – anyway, making my own is healthier and cheaper!)

        • Oops – I know we’ve gone through Clatskanie, but it’s been when we go west out to the coast on 30 (not 26) – sorry about that!

        • I hope you enjoy them! And I grew up right in that area. My husband’s family lived in Forest Grove for several years and I grew up less than 1 hour from Forest Grove. I love that part of Oregon! And the Everett, WA area is beautiful as well. I love the NW and miss it!

          • And I’m from Rainier, OR! Right between St. Helens & Clatskanie! Now I live just north of Everett, in Sedro Woolley!

          • I know exactly where Rainier is! We played Rainier, St. Helens, and Clatskanie in sports in school. I grew up less than an hour from those towns. I love that area and miss it.

  16. Shakey’s Pizza had a potato similar to these called Mojos. Theirs were cut into round disks, seasoned and crispy on the outside and soft potato goodness on the inside! Sadly all of the Shakey’s Pizza Parlors in Wisconsin are gone. I recently found a copycat recipe on, but haven’t tried it yet.

  17. I grew up in NW Washington, and we had Jo-jos! When I moved to Utah, the only other person who knew what jo-jos were was also from WA.

  18. Stephanie says

    I have a friend who grew up in Missouri and he made these, and called them Tater Logs. They were just cut in larger chunk of potatoes. But way delicious!

  19. I’ve heard of Jojos! We have Fred Meyer stores that sell them at the deli counter. There also used to be a delicious round version called Mojos that were sold at Shakey’s Pizza but they don’t have that place here anymore. Tater babies are similar and pretty darn yummy but sometimes hard to find. I like this idea for making them myself and being healthier for the family. Thanks for posting your recipe.

    • Oh yes I love Fred Meyers stores, but I have never had JoJos there. I hope you enjoy the homemade version.

      • I’m in Alaska. I’ve heard they have a few different things at our Fred Meyer deli (like corn fritters, at least the label says “Alaska only”).

        I’ll be making your Jojos this coming weekend. It looks awesome. I’d make them now but I’m out of potatoes and too lazy to head to the store.

  20. I tried these friday night and they were very good! Here in FL they’re cut in wedges and called tator logs.

    • Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed them. It is so fun to hear all the different names for these!

    • lori hunter says

      Laugh out loud! I’ve been calling them mountain taters.They used to sell them at this restaurant call the ‘burger tree’ in Manteca,ca and I haven’t seen the same since! they were wedges with a crispy outer seasoning wrapped in this foil had ur choice of sisters and I would fight over them.they were a treat for us.all these years people looked at me like I was nuts as I kept asking for mountain taters!lol.

      • I have never heard them called that, but they sound like the exact same thing.

        • Robin Thomas says

          Lori– I too am from Manteca and remember the Burger Tree fondly and yes they were also called Jo Jos there. I was born and raised there and spent the 60s-70s hanging out there when ever I could. It was always a treat. Thank you for the blast from the past 😉

      • I wonder if they are called mountain taters cause the jojo name seems to be only around the NW LOL. I’m in Oregon and only have heard of them called Jo Jo’s so all these weird names are pretty hillarious!!

  21. They sell these at my Vons in So Cal and they are called JoJo’s potato wedges – I love them! Can’t wait to try this at home too!

  22. I remember JoJo Potatoes from the 60’s. My future Mother-in-law used to make them for us when we came up from the cities to visit them in Cloquet, MN, or they would order them from the local chicken take-out. YUMMM!!!! She really liked them. So did I!

  23. Mightypog says

    I grew up in a very small town in eastern Washington, and sure enough, the gas station that all the teenagers hung out at had Jojo potatoes. But one thing they did that I haven’t seen any one else do is wrap the leftover ones up and sell them cold along with a dipping sauce that I believe was ranch. I loved them, and still do!

  24. I’m from Cleveland; I never figured that anyone outside of Cleveland and Detroit (and maybe Chicago) would be familiar with jojos. I’ll be trying your recipe soon.

  25. I am from Butte Falls OR, also a small logging town, at least one hour away from anything. We had a general store sold jo jo’s, pizza rolls etc, and EVERYONE went there for lunch! It was like you were describing my child hood! I now live in Denver and have just put your version of Jo Jo’s in the oven for my family. Can’t wait to try them.


  26. Who hasn’t heard of Jo Jo’s? I guess anyone who is from the Western part of the U.S. I’m from Seattle, but moved to a tiny town about 80 miles N.E. of there as a young adult and there was a hamburger joint that made THE best Jo Jo’s; Ever! (a seriously fattening craving during pregnancy!) Anyhoosky, thanks for the post. Plan on making them shortly! Cheers!

  27. Joanne Corbett says

    I have never heard of them until I moved to Oregon. I just moved from NYC to Portland. My friend suggested a walk to Fred Meyer for some friend chickens and Jo Jo’s. I laughed and said whats? I thought is was humorous since my name is Joanne and everyone calls me Jo. So now I joke with my son and ask if he wants some me me potatoes. Thank you for posting the recipe. I just sliced the potatoes and now will make my first homemade me me potatoes. 🙂

  28. Lynn,
    It’s a small world we live in! I was looking for a recipe for “Jo Jo’s” – and I found your article!
    You have to be talking about Vernonia…my hometown! I do not live there any more either, but miss the ‘hometown’ feel!
    Thanks for sharing, I’m making these tonight!
    Deb “)

    • I am not sure you will remember me, but I know exactly who you are and have met you many times. I went to school with Jasen. It is a very small world!!

  29. I was hoping someone would have a recipe for a healthier version of Jo Jos! My sister just texted me that she was eating some right now and I realized I haven’t had any since we were kids! Can’t wait to try these. Thanks!

  30. lori hunter says

    im so glad that I found you along with this recipe..i lost 50 pounds over a long period of time..i didn’t want to gain it back eating the fat version of jo jo potatoes.i love these! I had relatives in Oregon they call them jo jo potatoes up there but over here they call them mountain taters.i had to constantly describe them to people I was searching for the recipe that was lower in fat! thanks for the recipe! love lori.

  31. Yes I am from the pacific NW (Wash) an I love JoJo’s.
    you might check this web site out, she uses corn starch

  32. Jeff Kyser says

    Sounds like you grew up in Vernonia, same place I grew up! Going to try these either tonight or soon!

    • Small world! Yes same place. These are not quite the same, but they still remind me of the ones I had growing up. I recognize your name, but I don’t think I remember who you are exactly. We probably know of each other or at least each other’s family.

  33. Love the recipe! I grew up in Portland and love jojos. Great to connect with some other NorthWesters over this much loved recipe. I live in South Carolina and I’m passing on my love of jojos to my family here. They are hooked. We’ve been eating them all summer long with our weekend BBQs. Don’t forget the ranch dressing:)

  34. They have these here, but they just call them potato wedges. I’ve thought to recreate them myself as they are a family favorite fin the deli, so thanks. They’ll go on my rotation right away.

  35. jo-jo’s in Lowell Mass…..I loved them! thanx for the recipe.

  36. I think we grew up in mirror image towns (I grew up down south in Riddle, OR, also a no stoplight one store/gas station town. And yes, we ate far, far too many jo-jos with our school lunches…and every other time.

  37. I grew up eating Jo-Jos at Clatskanie Mini-Mart 30 years ago. Imagine my surprise at punching “jo-jo recipes” into my search engine and finding your link. I think this recipe will be exactly what I am looking for.

    • I hope you enjoy them! They are not exactly like the real thing since these are baked, but they are close. And satisfy my craving for them. And I know exactly where Clatskanie is at. That is a beautiful area of the country. I miss it!

    • lolly harris says

      So excited to try this recipe. Triangle Lake Oregon had some of the best and Shakey’s Pizza parlors too. Thanks

  38. The jo jo’s I remember from the 70’s were long potatoe wedges but looked like a crinkle cut French fry
    and were battered and seasoned. They were smooth , not crispy. They were delicious and came from
    a little place called Bo Bo’s. That was the owner’s last name. I have never found any like them.
    The closest thing was potatoe wedges from Aunt M’s at a Mini Mart. Not anywhere near the same!

  39. I grew up in Springfield and Eugene, OR….I LOVE Jo Jo’s and no one I have ever met except people that I grew up with in Oregon have any idea what a Jo Jo tastes like!!! I am very excited to find your recipe! I too don’t want them deep fried but are looking for that texture that was so amazing when I was a kid. Thank you for sharing, I am so excited to try this!!!

    • I love Oregon and really miss it. And I love hearing from readers that know all about Jo Jo’s. They are definitely and NW thing. I hope you enjoy them.

      • Lynn,
        I have been to Oregon. Grew up on the west coast of British Columbia Canada and miss it terribly.i now reside on a small farm near a town of only 900. We knew JoJos as MoJos. In BC. Here on the Prairies they call them Wedges . Same thing and addictive. I will try these tonight. Cheers

        • I hope you enjoy them! And I have been to British Columbia and it is a beautiful area. The Pacific Northwest and Western Canada are so pretty. I miss that area.

  40. Ahhh, jojos the stuff that feeds teenagers. I’m from Reno, NV and they still sell jojos here in most supermarket deli sections next to the deep fried chicken. Was looking for a healthy version for my teenage sons so I will have to give this reciepe a try, but I’m going to add seasoning salt as that flavor seems close to my memory of hot slightly dried out unhealthy deep fried jojos, oh yum, LOL.

  41. Lynn;
    I grew up in a logging town in Oregon. Now I’m retired and back living in Oregon. Spent years in the navy and only met
    a few people that knew what Jo-Jos were. I leave the skins on, shake them with seasoning, nuke em and then bake
    them. doesn’t take as long that way. Sometimes I’ll change up and season with Old Bay, but the results are still the
    same. Never any leftovers.

  42. In small rural areas of Nashville, TN we’ve always called them JoJo Taters… Yum!

  43. Would this little store by any chance be in Westport, OR? If so, they still make the best jojo’s.

  44. I not only have heard of Joe Joe potatos, they remain a popular side dish or snack in my town of Newark Ohio. Local fried chicken and pizza restaurants all over our area serve them. Thanks for you recipe. I’m going to try it tonight.

    Wish me luck,

  45. I love Jo Jo’s! When I was pregnant, they were all I wanted to eat. For me, they are a must anytime you order pizza. I’m in Akron, Ohio.

  46. Wow ice to see so many with ties to the NW on here. I lived in both the Seattle area and Portland. Jo Jo’s are a deli staple and I always get some with my (baked or fried) Chicken. I live in a small town in Northern Idaho called Clark Fork. We are 25 miles east of Sandpoint, and the Walmart there sells them. I am going to try your baked version! I can;t wait!!! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Hi Lynn, I’ve just read your recipe for Jo Jo potatoes and they sound really good !! Being from Australia, I’m wondering if Red Pepper is the same as Cayenne ? I can’t wait to try them !!

    • Not exactly the same, but are often used the same. The flavor is a little different. If you have cayenne pepper or something similar that would work. The red pepper just adds a little spiciness to the potatoes. I hope that helps and that you enjoy them!

  48. small town Oregon girl here and I have most definitely heard of jo jos 😉 You couldnt survive those teen years without them!! Or childhood. Its what kept us quiet while mom shopped lol! Im about to make these now 🙂

  49. I live in N Cali and I remember a gas station in Colusa had JoJo’s, and good fried chicken and burritos.

  50. I live in oregon. In small town in mid valley. These are sold everywhere in all the small convience stores. Dari mart etc…I’m so making these because I like making what would be fast food but a smudge healthier….can’t take all the fun outta jo jos. If you ever get a chance to buy a can of the breakfast gravy these stores use put it on said jo jos….it’s the best. I’m gonna make your jo jos and put some gravy on them tonight wish me luck.

    • I don’t remember ever having them served with gravy, but it sounds good! I hope you enjoy this healthier homemade version. 🙂

      • These turned out so good I’m making them again. Super easy recipe and hubby liked them. We all need to eat healthier and these were healthy with little fat to make them taste 10 times better. I liked how they had a crunchy crust like the store bought ones. If you can ever do gravy on them do. Thanks again for recipe

        • I am so glad that you enjoyed them! Thanks so much for letting me know. I agree with you. I love making things that are similar to the real thing, but healthier.

  51. Northeastern Ohio; always known them as Jo’ Jo’s! Cayenne was always in their recipe but I like making them with the vegetable blend spice, Cayenne tends to be a bit spicy for me these days!!

  52. Denise Wingler says

    We are in Indiana, we call them Ho Jos here…lol

  53. I live in Springfield, OR oh my gosh 😀 I love Jojo’s thank you for the recipe!

  54. Wow! I grew up in Clatskanie, too! We used to get ours from either the mini mart on Hwy 30 in Clatskanie or a store at the base of the bridge in Rainier. I live in Texas now and need a taste of home. I’m excited to use your recipe.

    • I know exactly where Clastskanie is! I am sure you know exactly where I grew up too. Our school played Clatskanie all the time in sports. I love and miss that area of the country. I hope you enjoy the Jo Jo’s they are not exactly the same, but nice for a taste of home. 🙂

  55. Cindy Enloe says

    I’ve always known them as Jo Jo’s but I have hear them called Mo Jo’s. Lynn, I am from a small logging town in Oregon. When you described your little town you might as well have been talking about where I grew up. Southwestern Oregon. Cave Junction.

    • I have been to Cave Junction years ago when visiting the Oregon Caves! It is a beautiful part of Oregon. But all of Oregon is beautiful. 🙂 I grew up about as far north of that in Oregon as you can go. Way up in the NW corner. I miss all those small middle of no where logging towns!

  56. Hi Lynn,
    I’ve lived in several western states, including Alaska, though born and raised in central WA. They are everywhere in the west under many different names, all basically the same. I haven’t seen them in states farther east. I too, decided to come up with a healthier, baked version years ago. I used Lipton onion soup mix, flour and spices, tossed the wedges in olive oil, then dredged in the flour mix. I have since dropped the onion soup mix to lower my sodium. I also play with different spice combinations to get a little variation on the theme, depending on what we have them with. Loved reading all the stories. Thanks!

    • Thanks for sharing that! I love hearing stories about the western states and food. I love the Lipton soup idea. And I agree I love reading all the comments on this post. The stories are so fun to read!

  57. Hi, I love JoJo’s. I made these and they were horrible. All I tasted was the flour. Cokked them for the time stated. They did not brown at all. I think I will be sticking to the fried version

  58. Esther Kinney says

    I seem to be the only person around my Maryland home that knows the name jo-jos. I come from Oregon – is that where they originate?

  59. Greetings I can tell you all are like family because potatoes do that to people. I grew up in the NW in both Washington and Oregon and Idaho. We moved from area to area constantly due to my Father’s large project work. A frequent stop for food were the taverns where they appeared with our burger and soda pop on a sunny day in late spring 1973. My Pa said they were called Jo Jo fries we thought he said toe toe fries and after that always asked for toe fries.They were usually made from the left over big bakers cut into a long wedges before being battered and deep fried. They were commonly served with sour cream and ketchup. ( W. hich now days ya got ta pay extra for!) The first one I ate was as long as my 9yr old forearm. The best batch I ever came across was in a gas station deli in SW Washington just off I-5. I happened to have known one of the cook/ attendants there and even told her they were the best there was. I learned later on they used a bit of alum in their recipe. Obviously, It worked for me and a good many of my friends cause it was a very popular item. I was trying to find a recipe for how much alum to put in cause that stuff can be over done quickly. I believe the first batch we had was from Rainer Or but it could have been in Goebal, OR at lil jacks tavern. or Longview Wa. They all had them about the same time because, well everybody talks potato around these parts! Its a subject that quickly follows the weather. “Yeah it’s raining here too! So how’s the taters, Jo Jo?” “Tasty of course!”

    • Thank you for sharing that! I love hearing stories like this about food and Oregon! I am very familiar with several of the towns you mention.

  60. Many years ago , My wife and kids and I used to vacation in Cape Cod ,Mass and we often ate at a place called the YUM YUM TREE.Although there are vintage menus available for that restaurant, there is no mention of one of our Favorites which was the JO JO POTATO I have tried and come close to duplicating this dish using baking potatos cut in wedges and drenched in seasonings like Badia ‘s Garlic and Parsley blend, Trader Joe’s 21 season blend and his “Smoked Paprika”along with other various seasonings like Sea Salt and Black Pepper, I’ve had great results in attempting to duplicate the JO JO TATERS “Oven Baked style” but never exactly the same ! Googling JO JO POTATOES has given me some “new”ideas as far as seasonings like lemon pepper and celery seeds added will change the complexion of my rendition of our favorite potato !

    • I love the stories that people have shared about Jo Jo Potatoes so thank you for sharing. I also love the idea of adding/trying Old Bay. Even if they aren’t quite the same, I think it would still be really good! Thanks for sharing the idea.

  61. Just another seasoning to make “my version ” of JO JO POTATOES a bit more complex and tasty how about “Old Bay”
    seasoning which has lots of great flavors and since Cape Cod is on the Seacoast it’s very possible that Old Bay Seafood seasoning was part of the original recipe so that’s next on my trial list in the search for the “original JO JO POTATO”

  62. Denise Cochran says

    I grew up in Eastern PA and at the farmers market in NJ there was a place called the chicken coop they severed them and called them jo jo s never have found them any where else. Miss them really would like to find a recipe to make them. no longer live up north now in Western NC

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