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Hot Chocolate Will Never Be The Same……

When my sister was visiting last month she mentioned that she loves to put coffee creamer in her hot chocolate. And as soon as she told me this I said something like, but you don’t like coffee. To which she replied, they don’t all taste like coffee. This was news to me, because I just assumed coffee creamers tasted like coffee.

You see, I hate coffee, I mean really dislike it, so I had no clue what was available as far as coffee creamers go, but I knew I had to find out.

Well, was I shocked when I started looking around the dairy section and realized how many different creamers were available.

And all I can say is that we still love my flavored hot chocolate mix, but WOW coffee creamers in just your basic hot chocolate is so good.

Really hot chocolate may never be the same again with all these options.

Have you tried the flavored coffee creamers in you hot chocolate?


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  1. I absolutely ADORE coffee. But I drink it black. However, I vividly remember my senior year in high school. It was one of the snowiest on record and we had so many snow days. My best friend and I used to drink hot cocoa around her parents’ kerosene heater and we LOVED adding French Vanilla or Irish Cream creamer to those cups. So creamy and tasty! (And 17yo metabolisms meant we could drink gallons with no ill effects. ;))

    • The 17 yo metabolism thing, is why my kids enjoy this much more often than I do. 🙂 I could drink hot cocoa everyday, or even several times a day, but I try to control myself.

  2. For a special Christmas flavor, my husband bought Almond Joy flavored creamer. It didn’t last long because it made the coffee taste even better. I’m sorry you dislike coffee. I believe it is a gift from God.

  3. I’m with Sherri, coffee is for sure a gift from God.

    I often put coffee creamer into my daughter’s hot cocoa when I make it for her in the mornings. She doesn’t like it overly hot, and the creamer both makes it richer and cools it down. Win-win.

  4. I, too, dislike coffee, but have always added cream to my hot chocolate. Even non-flavored cream is good.
    I printed out your hot chocolate recipes and look forward to trying them.

  5. I just discovered the creamer in the hot chocolate thing myself. My husband had the fancy kind in the fridge and I saw it as I was making some cocoa for myself. I thought I would give it a shot. He’s not happy though because now I’m using up his creamer. 🙂

  6. I drink it that way often. Hot Chocolate is a great snack that holds me over. I use mostly milk and a little cream for my hot chocolate. Love it!

  7. Yes!! My fav this winter has been Peppermint Mocha creamer in my hot chocolate. Soooo good and easy. I think a cinnamon one would be good too but haven’t tried it yet.

  8. I’ve been putting coffee creamer in my hot chocolate since I was in grade school way back in the 60’s and 70’s. LOL! My babysitter would make homemade hot cocoa and used coffee creamer because it added a richness that milk just didn’t have.

    PaganO., Coffee-Mate has a cinnamon creamer that is yummy. If you like cinnamon you need to try it.

  9. I love flavored creamer so we always have some in the fridge. Not only do I use it in my coffee and hot chocolate but I also add a little splash in my kids milk. They are way more likely to finish the whole cup if they know its “coffee milk”.

  10. I only drink coffee with flavored creamer in it. 🙂 That said my children like flavored coffee sips from my cup and that led them to ask if they could add the creamer to hot cocoa. Sure why not? They LOVE it and now I have to watch my creamer cuz sometimes they take it low and not tell me! LOL
    BTW, We are all about trying the new and different flavors! 😉

  11. Try the Amaretto flavor! I don’t even mind using the powdered stuff! We love the wide variety of flavors we can get without having to buy the fancy gourmet hot chocolates.

  12. Wow, I detest coffee too, even the smell of it on people’s breath I find disgusting (bit like people with smoker’s breath). I am going to try and find a creamer now (there aren’t many in NZ), cause I too love a good hot chocolate and am intrigued to know how this tastes. Thank you

  13. I put vanilla creamer in warm milk for my kids. They love it. It’s kind of like a Vanilla Creme from Starbucks. Just much cheaper!

  14. hate coffee as well – I’ve tried the flavored ones but the bitter coffee taste remains and I just can’t drink it. But, I never thought of the creamer tasting like coffee! I’ve been buying it for my kids since my daughter had it during a camping trip this past summer with her friend’s family. They love the regular flavor, but caramel is also a big hit.

  15. John Kline says

    I love hot coffee, but only use plain creamer and no sugar. However, I also love iced coffee in which I put plain creamer and sugar substitute. I also make flavored iced coffees with the flavored creamers . I end up with a better drink than I can buy and a much cheaper drink.

  16. I do not like coffee either. But, I use coffee creamer all the time in my hot tea. I like the French Vanilla and Irish Sweet Cream.

  17. Oh yes, flavored cream in coffee is soooo good. I have also done the “coffee milk” trick for my little guys as a special treat.

    Flavored cream is also super yummy on oatmeal, and I also like a splash or two on my ice cream. Heavenly!

  18. Sharon Miller says

    I’m not a coffee fan either, but I like the chai coffee creamer in my tea. I just need a variety I guess. I have been substituting the liquid French Vanilla creamer for part of the milk in my homemade pudding. Boosts up that vanilla flavor!

  19. Our current favorite is Almond Joy flavored coffee creamer in our hot cocoa. Soooo good!!

  20. Next time when you make french toast. Put some flavored creamer in it. I have tried french vanilla and cinnabon. next time I will try the almond joy.

  21. I LOVE coffee (it is a gift from the gods!) and hot chocolate. My favorite creamers are pumpkin pie spice and caramel macchiato. Who makes the Almond Joy flavor?? Id love to try that one.

  22. Im picky when it comes to coffee like i will only have the cold starbucks frappecinos, but i absolutely love love love hot chocolate it helps me sleep so i am excited to pick up some creamer when i go to the store next time! I just wanna know what flavors should i get? I know on here i have seen vanilla,cinnamon,and peppermint

    • There are so many flavors that is hard to say. 🙂 Many of them are based on candy bars or favorite treats like cinnabon, so I would just try one that is a flavor you love and branch out from there. We have yet to try one that we did not like. 🙂

  23. One of my most favorite ways to enjoy hot chocolate!

  24. Here’s a twist with a flip, I flavor my coffee with home made hot cocoa mix. Try it in cream of wheat for a desert/breakfast treat!

  25. Absolutely I knew as kid most coffee creamers had no coffee. I can’t stand coffee. As toddler sometimes I’d drink the creamer straight. Usually plain. Irish creme was the creamer I put in my hot chocolate as a kid. Now so many options. When I was kid it was plain. Boston that’s disgusting creamer. And Irish.

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