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I Am A Wimpy Gardener

I am a wimpy Gardener and I don’t mind admitting it.

I have wanted to start a compost pile for years. I know the benefits of it. It is like gold to a garden and the soil, but I have been too wimpy to start one.

You see we live on forty three acres, in the country, in NE Oklahoma. We regularly find snakes on our property. Yes, some of them are good snakes, but in my opinion any snake that is close to 6 feet long is not a good snake.

Along with the “good” snakes we often see rattle snakes, copper heads, and water moccasins on our property. And yes, many of these are in the 5- 6 foot range.

And besides the snakes we have lots of other creatures living on our land. Think skunks, raccoons, opossums, rats, armadillos, and all kinds of other things. Life in the country is wonderful, but I will admit I could do without some of the creatures that live around us.

This is why I have not been excited about starting a compost pile that will attract even more of these animals to our property and house. I mean why would I want to give them a reason to visit more often then they already do.

So, when I recently saw a composter at Sam’s Club, I knew I had found my solution. I had thought about buying one before, but seeing it in person at Sam’s made me decide I really needed wanted one.

Yes, I could be tough and strong and have a compost pile near my back door or garden like brave women before me have done. In fact many of you probably do have one like that, but I am a wimp when it comes to this and I am fine admitting that. As long as I live in the country, in Oklahoma, the land of snakes and many creatures, I will proudly use my wimpy composter.

But I would feel better if you all tell me I am not the only one out there that is a wimpy gardener.

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  1. I’m not wimpy, so much as lazy. I have what I call a passive compost pile in the furthermost part of our lot. Technically it’s on my neighbors but they don’t care. The most I ever do is use a shovel to cover the kitchen scraps to keep my dog from eating egg shells and corn cobs, because he will.

    Will you update in about six weeks and let us know how you are digging the composter?

    • @Heather Solos, I forgot to mention the dog factor. We have three dogs that all stay outside and a compost pile would be lots of fun for them, but not for me. 🙂 Yes, I will keep everyone updated on how I like it and if it works well.

  2. Barefeet In The Kitchen says

    I am a very wimpy gardener as well. Luckily, I’m married to an awesome gardener. Compost? I only have to see it while it is in my cute kitchen canister. After that, it simply disappears!

  3. Kimberly Reisinger says

    You are not a wimpy gardener. But I sure am. My hubby does all the gardening. He knows it’s just not my thing…I am too busy raising 5 kids! It was the kids or the flowers…I chose the kids a long time ago! But fresh veggies appear regularly on the kitchen counter, and I can walk into the back yard whever I want, and get the fresh herbs I need for dinner. It’s great.

  4. That is one cool looking compost tumbler. I have a humongous double tumbler that I bought quite a few years back that still works great. When we moved to San Antonio and I didn’t know if we would have the space for it, I gave it to my Dad. He LOVED that thing. When he passed away, I reclaimed the tumbler for myself because we had space.

    I am not much of a gardener; but, I hate the thought of throwing compostable stuff into the garbage (landfill). So, this is my way of trying to do a good thing. Plus, it does give out some awesome dirt! This is going to be wonderful when we get a house with some land as I do have a hankering for gardening. 🙂

  5. I wanted to get one of these, but they were gone by the time we decided and went back for it 🙁 I’m interested to know how it works!!

  6. I looked at that composter at Sam’s the other day. I really want a composter but I wasn’t sure if it was a good one or how it worked..

    • @Danyelle, So far I really like this one, but I have not had it long enough for a full review. It seemed to be a really good price compared to others that I have seen and so far it has been really easy to use. I will keep everyone updated on how it is working.

  7. Elizabeth says

    Wimpy? Try chicken!! I do not garden here…it is SOOOOOOO hot and humid, plus we too have all kinds of snakes, critters, etc. But we live in a neighborhood currently. I hope to find a way to do some patio type gardening in the future, when we move to a smaller place perhaps. Snakes do change how one lives, no doubt about that.

  8. I would not call you a wimpy gardener at all. The snakes alone that you have in the area would keep me from doing a typical compost situation. I do have a compost bin I built out of pallets that I wrapped with chicken wire to keep the critters we have in the area out. But I am SOOOO bad at keeping up on the “turning” of it and adding the brown items (shredded paper, leaves, etc.) that I really don’t get much usable dirt out of it. But I still love being able to put all my food scraps in there instead of the kitchen garbage, so I will keep the bin going.

  9. I also live in NE oklahoma since January of this year. I will use a compost pile container like the one you got from sam’s. I do not like snakes either.

  10. I wouldn’t say wimpy so much as wise! Just a pile not only would call critters, but require a lot more work to layer and turn and water and so on. A tumbler like that one seems like the “work smarter, not harder” path.

  11. Michelle G. says

    Haha, my hubby is the same way, and we live in the city. I think he is the actual wimp comparatively 😛

  12. Okay, so we are all wimpy, LOL! We don’t get many snakes where we live now, but you sure brought back some memories for me. My compost bin is built out of pallets, used to be trash cans with holes drilled into it. I do watch out for brown/black widows and weird looking bugs that I’ve never seen before. So far the “possums” and racoons havent’ been bothering it since they are busy eating all my figs.
    For you, if you had an open bin, you’d have to wear boots and gloves, with jeans. Easy to do on a hot summer day right? NOT! I can easily picture snakes finding that a great place and I’d be really paranoid if it was me.
    Do let us know how this composter works, all the enquiring minds want to know.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.