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Instant Pot Recipes

If you have an Instant Pot you will love this list of Instant Pot Recipes!

Instant Pot Recipes

Yesterday in my post sharing my new favorite way to make homemade refried beans, I mentioned how much I am loving my Instant Pot. I love it and can’t believe it has taken me so long to start using it.

I have used it over the last year, but not nearly like I should have. Now that I am using it more I am loving it!

Over the last few weeks I have been searching online for new recipes to try and experiment with. I have collected quite a list of links. I have also received quite a few emails and comments asking for more Instant Pot recipes, so I decided to put together a list of Instant Pot recipes and thought I would share them with you.

Instant Pot Rice

Be sure to save or pin this link. I plan to keep adding to this list as I find new Instant Pot Recipes that I make or want to try. And if you have a favorite Instant Pot recipe please leave the link in the comments. I love hearing from all of you and I want this to be a resource for Instant Pot Recipes that you use and love!

If you are curious this is the Instant Pot that I own.

I also have a Pinterest Board all about Instant Pot Recipes that I am adding to as I find new recipes. If you love Instant Pot recipes it is a good place to find some new ones.

A note for my gluten free readers. Many of these are gluten free, but some of them will need adapting if you are gluten free, so I also put together a list of gluten free Instant Pot recipes.

Instant Pot Recipes

Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

Instant Pot

Instant Pot Beef Recipes

Instant Pot Pork Recipes

Instant Pot Baked Potato Soup

Instant Pot Soup Recipes

Instant Pot Cheeseburger Helper

Instant Pot Pasta Recipes

Homemade Instant Pot Cheeseburger Helper

Instant Pot Refried Beans

Misc. Instant Pot Recipes

Tiffany from Eat At Home Cooks also has a great post comparing her Instant Pot vs Cuisinart.

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  1. Amy McConnell says

    Thanks so much for all these links! I have been using my instantpot for months
    but was looking for more recipes to try. Plan on trying your refried beans in it tonight!

  2. Is the instant pot a electric pressure cooker?

  3. Thank you so much for these recipes! I have been trying every one and loving each of them! I thought I was going to hate my Instant Pot since it came with so few “real” recipes. You just expanded my recipe collection immensely!

  4. Thank you for more interesting recipes to try

  5. I just got an instant pot for my birthday and I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the recipes!

  6. Shirlene Weber says

    I have a Farberware and I like using it for many of the same reasons you stated. I need to try more recipes. The clean up is a game changer for me as well as the amount of time it takes to get dinner on the table. Thanks for sharing the recipes and tips with us.

  7. Have you tried the Instapot recipes above (and they are good) or, are these just a collection of recipes you would like to try?

    • It is a combination of both. The ones I my site are ones I make all the time. The recipes on other sites are a combination of recipes I have tried and ones that I thought looked really good and would like to try.

  8. I just got the NuWave Nutri Pot, is this the same thing as an Instant Pot? Just a different brand? I am a little nervous after reading the instructions about how to use it. Your recipes make it look simple. Thanks

  9. I love my Ip however I would like to start using it as a slow cooker as this way I can set it in the morning before work and find it done when I get back. Do you know the difference in settings when compared to for instance the crock pot as I’m sure I read that the normal on Ip is same as low on others. TIA x

    • I have not used the slow cooker feature on the Instant Pot. That is mainly because I have a crock pot that I love. I know a lot of people love it for that though. Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help..

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.