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July Garden Update and How Is Your Garden Doing

When I came home last week from vacation this is what was waiting for me. And actually I had more than that waiting for me.

Since last week we have not only picked what is in the picture above, but have picked at least twice that many tomatoes, a few more cantaloupe, and some corn.

Our garden really took off while I was gone. We had some friends taking care of it and they did a great job. I was afraid the triple digit weather that Oklahoma had over the last few weeks would ruin our garden, but it seemed to do pretty well.

I am hoping that the cooler temperatures this week will keep the fresh produce coming. Triple digit weather is hard on gardens, let’s face it triple digit weather is hard on everyone.

I think the garden and all of us are glad to get a break from that weather. And yes it is pretty bad when 90 degrees is cooler weather. That is when you know that you have had some hot weather.

I would love to hear how your garden is doing this year. What have you been enjoying from your garden? 


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  1. Christine says

    My cilantro died 🙁 But my mint and basil are doing good. My teeny strawberry plant yielded about 5 teeny strawberries but I haven’t seen any more in the last few weeks so I’m worried that it might be the end of the strawberry plant. This is my first year attempting a garden so I don’t know what I’m doing 🙂

    • My cilantro died also, so I am going to have to buy it now for the salsa I plan to make with all the tomatoes I am getting. I think it was just too hot for mine. I have never had much success with strawberries, but I know many that have.And gardening is one of those thing where some years are good and some years are not so good, so don’t give up, you will figure it out.

  2. Harriet Dodson says

    WE HAVE CANNED TOMATOES!You must understand that I had no supplies but started telling people that we wanted to can our tomatoes this year. Well, a family friend cleaned out her deceased parents shed and sent me 3 crates of jars and a canner. FREE 🙂 So using creative measures and lots of youtube videos, we now have canned tomatoes. When I posted our success on FB, we were given 32 tomatoes by friends today b/c they didn’t want them to waste. Tomorrow we will be canning some more. I look forward to enjoying tomatoes all winter long.
    (And we made 4 fruit jars of grape jelly too.) Is anyone else cannning these days?

    • Good for you! Having canned fruits and vegetables to use throughout the year is such a sense of accomplishment. If my tomatoes keep doing as well as they are I might be canning some later this summer. And so glad you found some free canning supplies. Those can get expensive to buy especially when starting out and you need so much, so how fun to get it for free!

  3. Gosh, we have had scorching weather for over 6 weeks and all my plants succumbed. Sob. I watered but let’s face it how many days of unrelenting heat can they take. Just fried them.

  4. I have 4 tomato plants and was afraid I wouldn’t have any tomatoes, but last week, during all the heat, they are suddenly full!! And after 3 years of trying to grow basil in pots, I finally planted it in the ground and it’s growing like crazy!

    • I have found my basil does better in the ground as well. And I am so glad you are getting good tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes are one of our favorite things from the garden.

  5. We were late planting our garden this year but its slow growing. As others mentioned, no rain and triple digit heat is not the best garden growing conditions. I had a few zucchini but they got chomped on by some critters! So far we have just gotten jalenpenos and radishes. We have lots of green tomatoes and a pepper I’m waiting to turn red. My basil is doing great but the cilantro not so much anymore either.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.