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Lunches, Easy Dinners, Books, and More

It has been a few weeks since I shared an Everyday Adventures post and I knew I wanted to do one this week.

When I looked back over my pictures to share today, I realized that I have not taken very many photos the last two weeks.

One of the reasons why is because I broke my phone and was without it for a couple of days. After a trip to the Apple store, I have a phone again. However, there is nothing quite like being without your phone to make you realize how much you use your phone. We are way too attached to our phones aren’t we?!


I love showing how gluten free can be easy and delicious. Over on Instagram at my GF Kitchen Adventures I have been sharing pictures of our gluten free dinners.

These are meals my whole family is eating. The gluten free eaters and the non-gluten free eaters. They are also keeping it real, this is really our dinner, pictures. If you are gluten free or know someone that is I would love to have you follow along.

I thought it would be fun to also share some keeping it real pictures of our meals here. Today I am sharing lunch.

I am a terrible breakfast eater. My whole family gives me a hard time about it. I rarely sit down and eat breakfast. I remember my mom and I having battles over breakfast when I was a kid. She would make me eat breakfast before I left for school and I wouldn’t want to. After all these years I am pretty much the same way.

Since I don’t eat much breakfast I love eating breakfast food for lunch.

Yogurt Lunch

Yogurt and homemade granola is a favorite of mine. Tillamook is my favorite yogurt. Love it! It reminds me of home and I am so glad I can buy it in Oklahoma.

I told a friend recently about another one of my favorite lunches, which is simply tuna. I love the kind that comes in the pouches because the texture is better. My friend thought it was disgusting, but I love it and eat it several times a week.

Tuna Lunch

Sometimes I eat it right out of the package, other times I add pickles or cheese. And yes I know that picture is not pretty, but it is a simple, filling, and semi-healthy lunch that I love. Am I the only one that loves tuna like this? The potato chips on the side are not so healthy, please just ignore those. 🙂

What is your favorite lunch to eat?

Caramel Apple Cider

This is not healthy, but it is one of my favorite drinks this time of year. I am not a coffee or tea drinker. I don’t like coffee or tea at all, but I do love hot chocolate and hot apple cider.

Now I know this is not really hot apple cider, but it is kind of my copycat version of the Starbucks caramel apple cider and I love it.

All I do is heat up a cup of apple juice. I sprinkle in some cinnamon, stir in some caramel syrup, and add some whipping cream on top. So good! It is also much cheaper than the Starbucks version. (If you are gluten free be sure your caramel is gf.)

Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life recently sent me a box of their new ProBurst Bites to try. They are basically protein balls that are free of the top 8 allergens. We really enjoyed them. I think they would be great for travel. They are not in stores yet, but you can order them online. I hope we seen them in stores soon!

G's 2016 Favorites

My daughter shared her favorite books of 2016 over at From Our Bookshelf. If you like reading, or have teens that like to read, be sure to check out her list.

After reading her post I learned that her only reading goal for 2017 is to read more than I do. I guess we now have a reading competition going… I am pretty sure she will beat me since she read 100 books last year and 150 books in 2015, but  it might be a fun goal to try to beat her. 🙂

GF Pizza

It is Friday which means it is pizza and movie night at our house! If you are gluten free be sure to check out my gluten free deep dish pizza. It is my favorite gf pizza recipe.

That was a long rambling post. I love these posts and have fun sharing a look at my life you don’t usually see. If you made it to the end thank you!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.