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New Year, New Planner, And A Sale

I am a planner. I am one of those people that need a plan or I go crazy and don’t get anything done. I am not a spur of the moment, fly by the seat of my pants person.

My husband and I love Google calendars for most things, but for my menu planning and a few other things I still prefer a paper planner. I like to be able to quickly write things down and see them on paper.

I have used day planners of some sort for years, but never found exactly what I needed until Jessica shared her idea with me a few years ago of making my own using the forms and things that worked for me.

I loved this idea because so often I would only use part of the planner and the rest was just a waste of paper and space.

So, for the last few years I have put together a custom made planner, with just the forms that I needed and wanted. Last year, I used the Organizing Life As Mom planner as my guide and added a few extra forms that I needed and put together a planner designed just for me and the things that I needed.

This year Jessica added some great things to her planner. She added a home school pack, a bloggers pack, and a calendar pack. I love this because we each need something different and this let’s you custom make your planner. And it let’s you add anything else you need to it.

I like to take my planner in and have it spiral bound. This costs under $5, in fact this year I only paid just over $3, and I think it is much easier than using a 3 ring binder, but a if you prefer a binder that will work as well.

Just this week I printed out the forms that I wanted from the Life As Mom planner, added a few more that I needed, added some dividers for the different sections, and took it into Office Depot and had it spiral bound. I just need to add a few labels to the dividers and I will have a brand new 2012 planner designed just for me.

And I love the fun dividers I have found at Wal-mart the last few years. They make my planner not only functional, but fun.

Since right now is the prefect time to put together a planner Jessica is offering a sale in her Life As Mom store. She if offering a $2 off code for any purchase over $8. And it is good for her whole store not just her planner, but if you are a someone like me that depends on planners to make life easier, I suggest checking out the planners. Just use the code NEW YOU at checkout for your $2 off.

I would love to hear if you are a planner and what you like to use. Do you plan on paper or have you gone paperless and do it all in digital form?

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  1. I have an electronic calendar for work, but every Friday I take 10 mins to write each meeting and to do in my paper planner. I also write down menus, other personal to do’s, etc. Can’t tell you how often the paper copy has saved me when power went out or my pc was acting up. And if I have to leave my office to run an errand etc I can just take my planner with me and know when I need to be home or listen in on a conference call while my son is in story time at the library. I can’t imagine not putting pen to paper!!

  2. The coupon code is not working?? has it expired?

  3. While I was working I used Lotus Organizer. When I stayed home with the kids, I switched over to a paper planner. Just last summer I went back to using an electronic planner via Evernote, and I miss having a paper planner. I’m a visual person that works better if the list is right in front of me. When I used Organizer, I printed off my lists, but last summer I was trying to be more green with my planning.

    I am using a small notebook to plan my blogging. I’ve been debating about buying Jessica’s blogger pack.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.