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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Cookies for breakfast? Yes, please!

Really what kid, or adult for that matter, would not like a cookie for breakfast? Cookies for breakfast are sure to please almost anyone. And the good thing is these are not really cookies in the sense of a dessert type cookie.

Sure these would work for a healthy type dessert if you wanted them to, but really these are a hearty oatmeal like cookie that works perfectly for breakfast. I think these would work well in lunch boxes as well.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie

The oatmeal and peanut butter in these make them hearty and delicious. My kids love these. You can eat these as is or heat them up slightly in the microwave. Either way they are great.

These also freeze well, so they are perfect for making a large batch and keeping in the freezer for busy mornings.

If you are gluten free just use gluten free oats. And if you deal with peanut or nut allergies you can easily use any nut butter or peanut butter substitute for these. Since my daughter has a peanut allergy, we use Sunbutter or WOWBUTTER, both work well.

If you want to make these even more special add in 1/2 cups chocolate chips for a Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie. Chocolate makes everything better!

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie 2

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  1. These look delicious and would be great to have on hand during busy mornings.

  2. Looks great and can’t wait to try! A couple of questions…

    Is the 1/2 cup of brown sugar packed or loose?
    Approximately how may cookies does one batch yield?


  3. I just baked these and they are as good as they look. I used almond milk and they don’t look as pretty as yours, but they are delicious. I haven’t baked with almond milk much so it was an interesting experiment, Thanks again for your recipes.

  4. Oh, I bet you could put raisins in these too. Love this recipe – I’ve been looking for alternatives to cereal for breakfast. Nice to know they freeze well too! Can’t wait to try them!

  5. Do they hold up well after baking? I have made other breakfast cookies & they were not very tasty & didn’t hold up well at all!

    • Yes, I think they do. I freeze them and my kids love them both right when I bake them and later. The texture is different than a normal cookie, but they held together for me.

  6. Another question….your cookies are nice & round, mine aren’t! I used a cookie scoop & they are just blobs after being baked. What did you do to make yours look like cookies & not blobs??

    • Try flatten them a little. I did do that and will add that to the directions. I also used a cookie scoop to get them uniform in size. I hope they tasted good for you and that you enjoyed them.

  7. These look really good. I will probably try to replace 1 cup of the oatmeal with quinoa (hopefully it will work!) to add some more protein (my daughter needs lots of protein in the morning). 2 of these with a big glass of milk great quick morning breakfast! Thank you.

  8. Jamie Perry says

    These were a hit at our house this morning, thanks for the recipe! Would you put the leftovers in the fridge (if you plan to eat them within the next couple of days) or are they ok to leave out in an airtight container?

    • Leftovers? You had leftovers. 🙂 I left a few out that we ate the next day for breakfast. So, I would say a day or so is fine longer I would probably put them in the fridge. I am so glad your family enjoyed them!

  9. Well, they wanted to eat them for snack too but I made them wait 🙂 It’s hard to beat pb & chocolate but I’d love to see different variations of this.

  10. I made these for our 5 boys for our back to homeschool day today. They loved having cookies for breakfast, and the cookies turned out great! In fact, I’ve eaten way too many throughout the day today. 🙂 I used sucanat instead of brown sugar…

    • I am so glad they enjoyed them. What a fun back to school treat. I hope you all have a great homeschool year. And thanks for letting me know it works well with sucanat.

  11. Just made these and thought they were great! They remind me of the peanut butter protein balls I make (from smashed peas and carrots) but these will travel alot better. I think I might also try adding some quinoa to them – bon appettit has a good quinoa cookie recipe – maybe combine the 2? 🙂

  12. My kids will love these! I have a hard enough time getting them to eat breakfast. I think these cookies will do the trick!

  13. Lynn, this is a terrific recipe! I just shared it on All Gluten-Free Desserts. 🙂 I love how versatile it is. I see myself making these cookies with almond butter and quinoa flakes, and making it dairy free. Yummy breakfast indeed! 😉

    Thanks! Happy Labor Day weekend!

  14. These look great, but I was just wondering how these are any different than regular cookies? I don’t do a lot of baking, so I can’t really tell how these are appropriate for breakfast and regular oatmeal cookies aren’t just by looking at the recipe. Thanks!

    • There is not flour in these just oatmeal so they are a heartier type cookie. They also have quite a bit less butter/fat and sugar than a regular cookie. These would also work for a healthier dessert type cookie though if you want to use them as that.

  15. I used pumpkin in stead of the eggs since we have egg allergy in our family. We loved them.

  16. These cookies were so good! I was very skeptical when it came to making cookies without flour but they turned out great and were in high demand at my office. The only tricky part was trying not to eat them all in one go. I blogged them here with a link back to you for the recipe, since I didn’t really change anything.

  17. Just made these with stevia and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Yummy!

  18. Lynn, do you know the nutritional value/serving size or weight watchers points? Thanks!

  19. These look great but would I need to change amounts for normal oats vs quick cooking ones?

  20. Loved these cookies but the husband needed some sweetness so I added a powdered sugar, maple syrup, and butter mixture and drizzled it over the top.

  21. Just made these for tomorrow’s breakfast, but can’t keep the kids out of them! They are convinced they are for their bedtime treat, lol. Only thing I subbed was rolled oats bc it is all I have. Very yummy.

  22. These cookies sound yummy. can’t wait to make.

  23. I made these today and they are awesome. No one can eat just one. I believe I ate an half a doz. on my own.I need no help.
    They are so good.Thank you for sharing.

  24. Becky Mason says

    these were great! Even my picky eater liked these! We enjoy all the baked oatmeal recipes! thanks so much!

  25. I made these today. The kids loved them and I liked how wholesome they were. I doubled the recipe, then found that I only had 4.5 cups of oats, so I added 1/2 cup of flour. I also used only 1/2 cup of peanut butter and a smashed, overripe banana. They turned out perfect and we loved them. I will be making these again and trying more combinations. Thanks again.

  26. These cookies have become our go to breakfast cookie. We absolutely love them, and when I sent some home with my mom, she told me later she’d like more sent home with her. Definitely a keeper recipe.

  27. GREAT RECIPE! I’ve made these 5x now. My family loves them. I put it only 1/4 cup of sugar though. Plenty sweet still.

  28. I make this recipe into bar cookies in a throw-away foil pan. It’s such a quick easy method and the bars are so tasty.. Thank for sharing.

  29. These look SO good! I just pinned them to my “breakfast” and my “cookie” boards. Thanks so much.

  30. I just made a batch of these. While they are quite delicious, they seem to stay pretty soft and barely hold together. I wonder if adding a bit of flour would help? I will make them again!

    • They are a soft cookie. I have never added flour to them, but that might help them get the texture you want. Did you think they were dry and that is why they fell apart? You might try adding a little more milk too. That might help too.

  31. I am thinking of making these into sandwich cookies with a bit of jam in between.

  32. These are delicious! I have made them several times and they don’t last long. The first time I made them I used whole oats instead of quick oats so they have a different texture/look then Lynn’s cookie. The family loved them so I have stuck to using whole oats. Thanks Lynn!

  33. Just wanted to let you know that I found your cookie recipe and decided to use it as part of our freezer breakfast arsenal… and my kids LOVE these! Me too… 😉 thanks for posting… working on our second batch now!

  34. I make these all the time and they are delicious. I use a little less brown sugar and they are still great.

  35. Should I grease the cookie sheet–thought I had parchment paper, but I don’t

    • I have USA Pan cookie sheets and I don’t usually grease them, but for most cookie sheets I would grease them to keep them from sticking. I hope you enjoy them!!

  36. Bobbie Todd says

    I hope this isn’t redundant, but can you use regular old fashioned oats, rather than quick oats?

    Thank you! I do enjoy your site, and ideas! 🙂

    • Yes you can. The texture is slightly different, but you can use old fashioned oats or a combination of old fashioned and quick oats. I hope you enjoy them!

  37. Just tried these. I made them with Wowbutter, they’re
    now safe to eat at school and full of extra sunflower seeds
    for a pop of protein. Next time, I’ll maybe add some banana chips to tie the flavours all together,

    • We make them all the time with wow or sunbutter and love them. I am so glad they work for school for you! Adding banana chips is a great idea.

  38. Would it work to make the batter the night before, refrigerate, then bake in the morning? Also, along the same lines, have you tried freezing them before they are cooked and then just baking as needed?

    • I haven’t tried making the batter overnight with breakfast cookies, but I think it would work fine. It might just be a thicker batter, besides that I think it would work. I like that idea and might have to try it! I have frozen them after baking but not before. I have frozen cookie dough many times though and it works, so I think it might work with these too. Again the texture might be slightly different, but I think it might work. If you try it I would love to hear how it works.

  39. I made these and swapped the sugar for 1/3 c agave and lowered the milk to 1/3c. They turned out great and very filling.


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