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Ready To Cook Tortillas

My sisters have both told me about these great tortillas that they buy. They are tortillas in an uncooked state. You cook them fresh on a griddle or in a hot pan. They said they are easy and really good. They claimed that they were much better than regular, premade, store bought tortillas.

I had never heard of these. I decided to see if I could find them here in OK. I was able to find them at Walmart in the cheese section next to the Mexican cheese. They had several kinds of tortillas in the refrigerator section. You want something like these.

See the top right corner? It says no preservatives. This really caught my attention because I am trying to stay away from a lot of prepackaged and preservative filled items. I decided to give these a try.’

You cook them on one side until the bubble up a little. It takes about 1 minute.

Then you flip it over and cook for about 1 more minute.

We loved these. One of my kids said that they were just like a Mexican restaurant. I agree these are very close to the flour tortillas that you are served at a Mexican restaurant. These did take a little more time than premade and cooked tortillas but they were worth it. And I was even able to find these at my small town Walmart supercenter.

These were so good, I may atempt to make my own tortillas from scratch.

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  1. My mom and sister introduced me to the same product. Wonderful, it is like being at a Mexican restaurant. Thanks for sharing such a good find.

  2. Neat, I’d never even heard of these. Thank you for sharing! 😀

  3. Thank you so much for telling us about those. Those look wonderful and with as much as my boys love Mexican I am sure they will be thrilled.

  4. OH… I LOVE these! For you Texas girls that shop at H.E.B…there brand is GREAT!

  5. We buy a version of these at Costco and we LOVE them! You’re right, they are worth the little extra time that they take. But they are so easy that even my 11 yr old can make them for herself and her little brother – they fill them with cheese and dip them in salsa for lunches. YUM!

  6. I just found your blog last week and I love it, I will have to look for those tortillas and see what I can find. I would love to see some of your bread recipes.


  7. Kim, I have a few bread and rolls recipes under that catagory. Go to the right side of my blog and scroll down to that catagory. I am currently trying to use more whole wheat. I am in the process of tweaking my recipes for whole wheat. When I have some that I am happy with I will post them. I am glad you like the blog. Thanks for reading.

  8. Live.Love.Eat says

    Happy TMTT!

    Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to have an alternate and with no preservatives.

  9. Oh thanks for the tip! I will be taking a trip to Walmart this week to pick up some of these!!

  10. The Goodrich's says

    We discovered these a few years ago and now my husband will eat nothing else! They are so yummy! The only bummer is that, in my experience, they tend to be double the price of the already cooked tortillas.

  11. BarbaraLee says

    I just buy the ones from Sam’s.

  12. I can’t find store brand tortillas that aren’t made with hydrogenated fats. 🙁 What type of fat is used in these?


  13. Gwen, these have shortening which is from soybean oil and partially hydrogenated beef tallow. So yes it has hydrogentated fat in it.

  14. What a great suggestion! I used to make my own tortillas, but it was so time consuming that I quit. This is a wonderful solution. I am sooo looking for these the next time I go to the store…I can dust off that old tortilla maker and it should go very quickly.

  15. A happy heart at home says

    That is so neat! I’ve never seen these before. We love Mexican food.


  16. I know costco sells these and they are wonderful, but too large of an amount. Glad to know I can find them at the Super Walmart. Thanks

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.