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Layered Cheese Enchiladas

I gave today’s recipe the name layered cheese enchiladas because it is literally cheese, enchilada sauce, and corn tortillas layered and baked. That is it. Three ingredients layered together. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and about 25 minutes to bake. That is all. So easy and so good! This really isn’t much of a recipe, which is why I have not shared it […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Eggs and Soy Sauce Over Rice

Eggs and soy sauce over rice is one of the least expensive meals that I have ever fixed. In fact, it may be the cheapest meal that I have served my family, but it is a meal I have never really posted about. It seems too simple, too plain. It is not a fancy meal, but it is a real life in my kitchen meal […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Easy Cheese Enchiladas

What do you get when you have had a long day, arrive home late, your family is starving, and you realize that you forgot to defrost the meat for the enchiladas you planned to make for dinner? You get your kids’ new favorite dinner, easy cheese enchiladas and mexican rice. The mexican rice is a recipe that I have been making for years, but the […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures