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What Is It Wednesday {Thirty}

I cannot believe that this is the thirtieth What Is It Wednesday! I have had so much fun sharing all the different foods that we have tried.

Today I have for you the second meat type food that I have used for a What Is It Wednesday. The first one I shared was hog jowl.

Now, a picture of raw meat is not pretty, which is why I have not done very many for my What Is It Wednesdays.

And I almost did not share this one because it is not a pretty one, but I decided that raw meat is food and this would be a fun one to share.

To put it into perspective the largest chunk was about 3 inches across. Do you know what it is?

I can’t wait to see if you all get this one right.


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  1. Sandi Price says

    I believe it is Ox tail. I also think it might be another southern thing – LOL

  2. Susan Berry says

    I think it’s ox tail also…saw some for my first time about a month ago at our local grocery store

  3. Are they neckbones?

  4. Beef Shank or Ox Tail.

  5. Oxtail?

  6. Beef short ribs.

  7. Oxtail

  8. Beef Ox Tail. We feed it to our dogs.

  9. Marleena A says

    Definitly Ox Tail

  10. Pork neckbones

  11. Yep! Ox Tails

  12. It’s oxtail! Cubans have a recipe called “rabo encendido” which uses this type of meat.

  13. It’s ox tail

  14. That’s ox tails! Mmmmmm! Yummy! Yummy!

  15. Oxtails – make the BEST soup!

  16. They certainly look like oxtails–something I’ve never tried.

  17. Oxtail….am making broth with one along with soup bones right now in my crock pot.

  18. They look like Marrow bones to me!

  19. Ox tail! 🙂

  20. They look like oxtails.

  21. I agree-oxtail

  22. All I can say is – 3″ across! that’s one big ox! LOL! I think they are either hocks or neck bones… good with beans or potatoes! mmmm… I haven’t had them in years!

  23. They look like ox tails to me. I haven’t had them in 17 years! When dh was in the Army they were always in the reduced for quick sale bin at the commissary. I never see them at all in the regular grocery store.

  24. I’m going with Ox Tails

  25. It’s oxtail or in some restaurants, osso bucco.

  26. They are ox tail

  27. My first thought was oxtail…then you said they were about 3″ across, and I thought…yep! Oxtail!

  28. Rebekah Shaver says

    Yep, ox tail!! Ugh!

  29. I’m thinking oxtail, too. I haven’t eaten these since I was a kid.

  30. linda payne says


  31. Definitely oxtails, my Mom was from Europe and cooked them often when I was growing up!

  32. They are oxtail.
    My mother used to make the most wonderful soup from them.
    Yummy. (:

  33. Oxtail. I have no idea how to prepare it though.

  34. oxtails, makes great stew lol

  35. Oxtails

  36. beef oxtail.

  37. is it Oxtail? My other thought was ham hocks but it sounds too big for that

  38. Ox tails. My mom made this ox tail soup that I would gobble up when I was younger. Love this stuff!

  39. Oxtail!

  40. ox tail? (i just moved to the south) and i’ve seen it at all the grocery stores, but have no idea what to do with it.

  41. Oxtail.

  42. Ox tail very tasty haven’t had any in a long time on my list.

  43. Oxtails.

  44. Ox tail is amazing! I haven’t had it in quite a while, but I love it… in soups and by itself.

  45. Definitely ox tail. Just made some great soup with it the other day!

  46. I am going with neckbones.

  47. Denise G. says

    It is oxtail… and boy can you make some wonderful soup with them.

  48. Ginger Zoerb Fritz says

    Oxtails. My mom would make them so delicious, slow cooked. I had to quit calling mine “Oxtail stew” just “beef stew” but my boys were still suspicious. I still love them, though!

  49. Oxtails for sure.

  50. Hedy Francois says

    Oxtails, and we love them!!!

  51. Janet Stewardson says

    definately ox tails. Wish they were available here as they make great soup

  52. Ox Tail !! We use it boiled, beef and noodles and beef veggie soup: YUMMY!

  53. oxtails

  54. Oxtails was my first guess too as soon as I saw them.

  55. Most definitely oxtail! Makes yummy soup 🙂

  56. Looks like Oxtail to me.

  57. I say neckbones. Never tried them myself, but I see them all over the place in East Texas 🙂

  58. Either oxtail or shanks (beef or veal). Now you have me craving some Osso Bucco!

  59. Love me some mother used to make an excellent soup from them as well.

  60. I too guess oxtails!

  61. Mackenzie says

    Oxtail! My grandma used to braise them and then bake them. So good! MMMM….oxtails

  62. Oxtails! Makes great soup. My mother-in-law introduced this new food to me years ago!

  63. I think it’s ox tail, though I’ve never actually cooked with them.

  64. Mary Ann Dunn says

    I believe the meat is Ox tail. I have made soup with it before.

  65. I know its Oxtail, I make beef stew with it that my husband loves. Gives it a lot of flavor

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