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What To Buy At Costco


A couple of week’s ago I asked what I should buy at Trader Joe’s. You were so much help!

I got so many ideas. I have already went once to Trader Joe’s and I can’t wait to go back. I had to control myself so that I did not buy too much.

Thanks to all of you I have all kinds of things to add to my lists in the future. I am planning a post for next week about what I bought at Trader Joe’s and I what I can’t wait to try next time I go.

Since Oklahoma got it’s first Costco last week, and you were so much help with Trader Joe’s, I wanted to talk Costco today.

Now, I have been to Costco before. I grew up in Oregon which has had Costco for years. My family in Oregon shops at Costco all the time.

However, I have never had one close enough to me to do my own shopping there. And I will admit that I am excited to finally be able to shop at Costco.

I went last week and picked up a few items. Well, okay I spent $200, but at Costco that is just a few items. ๐Ÿ™‚

The store was busy since it just opened and I did not know where everything was at, so I kind of just went up and down the aisles seeing what they had. I will admit I was a bit overwhelmed, but also thrilled that they have a much bigger and better grocery department than Sam’s Club.

Since I have been to Costco I know a lot of what they have, but I would still love to hear what your favorite items are to buy?

So far I think I am going to love all the cheese they have. Mainly because they have Tillamook cheese which is pretty much my all time favorite brand of cheese.

I also loved the loaf of Udi’s gluten free bread I got last week. I found some gluten free chicken nuggets and a few other gluten free and specialty items that I think we are going to love. And the produce and meat selection are also great. They had a great selection of fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of meat for a pretty good price.

So now I would love to hear what you buy at Costco. Do you have a favorite item or items that you love and buy often? What do I need to add to my list next time?ย 

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  1. We don’t have Costo’s, Trader Joe’s, or Udi’s in our state. However, we do have Sam’s Club. I would like to hear about Sam’s and what to buy there some day,

  2. Definitely their paper products!! Rotesserie chickens, organic produce and milk, bread.

  3. I am eager to see the post on what to buy at these stores. I always like to get the rotisserie chicken at Costco. Like you I love to shop the cheese section. Be sure to check out the garden section. We buy our vitamins and supplements there as well. The walnuts are always fresh.. Toilet paper and paper towels too.

  4. Karin Goodman says

    Rotisserie chicken. For $4.99 I can get two meals, one the first night and one I use for chicken noodle soup or chicken and rice soup, cook the what is left and make soup. I recommend that you watch prices. Most things are great at costco, but sometimes you can get a better deal elsewhere. Pre-grated cheese is always a must for us. We are cheese lovers.

    • Sam’s Club has rotisserie chicken, but Costco’s is way better. We have had it many times at mom and dad’s and I am glad we can now get it here. And I love that it is gluten free!

  5. Jennifer says

    We get some food and some non food items at Costco. Toilet paper, batteries! The batteries are a pack of 35-ish for between $12 and $15, usually. Contact solution and feminine hygiene items go on sale routinely and we stock up. Epsom salt is a great price. I buy the disinfecting wipes to keep in the boys’ bathroom. The Kirkland brand laundry detergent works great. We get the “earth friendly” formula. It doesn’t bother my sensitive skinned kiddo.

    For food items, I frequently buy the torta rolls. The package of ten works great for making sandwiches ahead to keep in the freezer, or to make lunchbox and cooler friendly sandwiches that won’t smash. Babybel cheese is an occasional treat. Nuts, spices, oils, are usually a good price. I use their coconut oil for many things. Their vanilla ice cream is fantastic. Creamy and rich and not pumped full of air. I sometimes buy the big package of precooked bacon. Its pricey, but not any more expensive than an equivalent number of slices of raw…and the mess is already taken care of. My favorite Costco item? Its a little bit silly, but I love to get the big #10 cans of tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes. Will make a big pot of red sauce, then divvy it up and keep in the freezer.

    • Thanks for sharing all that. I usually get the cleaning and laundry soap type stuff at Sam’s Club, so I was glad to see the Costco has about the same prices on those. I am love precooked bacon. Sam’s carries some as well and we love it when we travel because it is easy to pack in a cooler and it is easy and filling. I will have to look at the canned tomatoes. I noticed that they had a lot more canned fruit than Sam’s Club does. We all wear contacts so I will have to watch for that to come on sale! Thanks for the tips!

  6. WiffytoJ says

    Hi Lynn! I am so excited for you! (And a bit jealous too!) We moved from coastal WA state to Maine and we only have a Sam’s Club here. It wasn’t bad actually and I still managed to spend over $400 on my first trip but I miss the cheese! Actually it would seem by the availability that Maine is mostly a sharp cheddar kind of place and it’s hard (and expensive!) to find medium or mild cheddar. I also liked their dog bones and their Johnny’s garlic bread seasoning. I also loved their tortillas. Hopefully they have them at Sam’s club but as it was my first time, I couldn’t find them. There are so many things I used to buy there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS–I was hoping for a while there that someday God might see fit to let us meet in real life. We were planning on moving to Texarkana where my husband was pastoring but then plans changed and here we are in Maine! ๐Ÿ™‚ We have a great church family but it’s kinda hard on family back in WA. I’m going to start praying that we get a Costco here too and maybe even closer. It’s a 2 hour drive to Sam’s.

    Well blessings to you!


  7. I like paper products. Toilet paper and paper towels. Once a year I buy paper plates, napkins, cups for our birthday parties and family gatherings. Actually, I probably buy that once every two-three years.

    I like the olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil from there also. I go through all of them very often, so they never go bad.

    I also like snack bars, cheddar bunnies for road trips or to take to church for snacks for the kids.

    Their baking items are a good price, too, and their spices.

    Oh and medicines. Multi vitamins, kids Zyrtec, kids Tylenol, adult Zyrtec, benadryl. You basically get double the amount for the same price or cheaper than say Target.

    I like their seasonal items, too. They have junk free sunscreen right now. And kids readers for the summer (I’m always looking for books for my girls!). I like buzzing through the books and cookbooks, you never know what they’ll have. And they’re typically cheaper than Amazon.

    • Thanks for sharing that! I did notice that Costco has a better selection of healthy or health(ish) type items like coconut oil, avocado oil, dried fruit etc. than Sam’s Club. So I am excited about that. And I did buy some of their Zyrtec. We go through a ton of that… I almost bought a cookbook when I went, but decided that I better spend my money on food stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Dog food. – their brand of turkey/sweet potato/ grain free is the only food my dog with severe skin allergies can eat. Milk, eggs, produce, Love their laundry detergent & toilet paper (rated high with consumer reports). Oxyclean, Fiber one bars, Himalayan pink salt, Nathan’s hot dogs, Rotisserie chicken (can’t beat the price!!!), I could go on and on…. And always fill up the gas tank when we leave too!

    • I will have to price their dog food because we go through a ton of that! I will have to look for the himalayan salt. I love that Costco has more specialty type stuff like that than Sam’s Club does. I will have to try their paper products. Thanks for sharing what you like!

      • I thought about more things, LOL! I also get coconut oil, macadamia nuts, their brand of Allegra, protein shakes. Their lobster bisque is a nice indulgence every so often. Obviously I am a Costco addict!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. My staples are Coconut oil, Olive oil, organic maple syrup, cocoa, organic diced tomatoes, organic tomato sauce, organic Better than Bouillon, soy sauce, honey, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, frozen organic mango (for smoothies), salmon burgers (frozen, Alaskan wild caught). The salmon burgers are a great, fast meal. I always pick up a rotisserie chicken.

    I got my last pair of glasses there in December and their prices are great. We also got our memory foam mattress from Costco. I love that they stand behind their products!

  10. Jerilyn says

    We usually get our eye glass frames here, both regular and sunglasses and then take the frames to our optometrist to get the specialized lens filled there. Having been to a variety of retailers over the years we find that most of the time Costco has good to excellent quality frames at the best prices.

  11. Jerilyn says

    I thought of another item for you; my husband buys his Michelin tires for our cars and truck only at Costco because he says they have the best prices.

  12. Try the Kirkland instant mashed potatoes. So much better than what you can buy in the grocery stores.

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