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Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

I have been making these pancakes for years. They are a favorite in our family and we eat them almost every Saturday.

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  1. Mary Epplin says:

    I love your site & my family & friends have enjoyed many of your recipes. I have noticed that you often use melted butter in baked goods instead of oil. Is that due to a personal taste preference? I have subbed it out for oil & it has worked but I was just curious, especially in light of your recent dairy free month. Thanks for all of the recipes & ideas!

    • In the past it is mainly for a taste difference and I think the results are a little better in some things with butter. But when we went dairy free in January I used oil in many things like pancakes and it worked fine. So I think you are right and oil often works just as well. Thanks for your thoughts and I am glad you enjoy my site! Thanks for reading.

  2. I made these for dinner tonight using your oven-baked pnacake method, and they were awesome! I used all whole wheat pastry flour and some yogurt mixed with soured milk for the buttermilk (also xylitol for sugar, as my hubby is doing restricted sweeteners right now). Yum! They got rave reviews and the oven method is genius. Thank you so much!

    I’ve had your site bookmarked for a while but haven’t visited too often – I am definitely going to rectify that situation and come back here regularly. I recently made another of your dinner recipes (forget right now which one), and it was also quite tasty.

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